Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2012

Today is weird.  It is 5:45 in the am and I am up, but not exhausted or worried about work.  I left my CVS around 6pm last night.  Yes, my name is on the front of the store just like that strange Bonnie lady riding her segue through her CVS.  The store had been busy, but not crazy.  I got the 3 day ad set up in a few hours and have no concern that it hasn't been signed by the overnight team.  If I were to choose to be worried about something, it would be the lack of Juke Boxes for the ad.  We only have one juke box, 2 microwaves, and 3 popcorn poppers left.  Do we need more than that?  I do not know.  I had no idea we would sell out of universal remotes or Easyfeet so quickly in our last ad.  People still need universal remotes?   And clean feet?  Who knew?

So my boss and I were looking at each other in wonder yesterday as we recalled our past retail lives.  He was a store manager for Kroger and you know my history.  We both feel truly blessed or lucky (not sure his religious brand loyalty) to have chosen a new career path.  Therefore, as I drove home last evening, I felt myself actually looking forward to a holiday with my family.  Beth is cooking for the three of us and we will be stopping by her mother's house later for a visit.  It should be a great meal and a good day.  My one concern about the meal, as we speak, is that there seems to be a piece of pumpkin pie missing.  Have any of you seen it, or CJ?  If I were a detective, he would be the primary suspect.

Do you plan on shopping tonight?  I have decided not to.  I was going to look for an iPad 2 for Beth at The Target since she cracked her screen on her current one, but she says she does not want it and it costs $399 and then you get a $60 gift card.  If not that then I am not sure what to get her.  She got excited about the Barbie multi-princess pack in somebody's toy ad, but I am going to guess that she wanted to get that for the nieces and not herself.  Same deal for the Barbie head.  Creepy.

It has also been a difficult year to choose what to get CJ.  His birthday and Christmas fall within five days of one another so he typically gets a nice combo gift.  Last year was a computer.  Other years have included game systems and the like, so he usually does quite well for himself.  However, this year he wants for nothing.  His friends are getting iPhones.  He admits he needs another distraction like dogs in our neighborhood need one more squirrel to move in.  The only thing I can think of is possibly getting concert tickets or something.  We are huge fans of a comedian named Mike Birbiglia (ready the Google alert) so I may see if he is on tour this coming year. 

I may go ahead and shop around for that now since everyone is still asleep and the computer has decided to become difficult.

So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I sincerely hope you have plenty to be thankful for this year.  God Bless.

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