Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wasn't one of the Powerpuff girls black and blue and puffy?

November 20, 2012

Good morning.  I have the day off and Beth said I could not rake leaves today (she doesn't want me to get sick before the holidays) so my task list is rather minimal.  Eat snacks, play Black Ops, blog, eat snacks, clean cars, buy more snacks, fix the clogged drain in the bathroom, and get some Chipotle for dinner.  You may notice that I did not include dusting this table and keyboard in front of me even though I could write my name in the dust right now.  I figure it has a lot to do with the angle of the sunlight coming in the room.  If I wait a couple hours it won't look so dusty. 

My new blog will be called "How to avoid pesky housework".  It will include tidbits about closing shades so the sun won't show the dust, don't do push ups so you don't see the filth under the couch, and don't do yoga so you can't see the cobwebs forming in the corners of the room as you pose like a warrior.  Coming soon to a book store near you.

Speaking of push ups, I had once told Beth that we would know when CJ had an interest in girls by how he acted.  I knew from being a boy 50 years ago, that boys change their demeanor and actions when they notice the female form for the first time.  For me it meant a lot of hair pulling and pushing girls down on the playground.  College did not go well for me.

However, for CJ it has been a bit more of a grown up reaction.  More grown up than hair pulling?  Hard to believe, I know.  What I have noticed is that he cares more about his appearance. 

If you are the parent of a tween or teenage boy you know that getting them to shower or brush their hair or put on deodorant or change their underwear is not accomplished without constant reminders.  What I have learned recently is that when said teenager has a beautiful girl he is smitten with, he wears deodorant and brushes his hair.  He uses the face cleaning pads you bought him for the acne breakouts.  And he challenges his old man to a push up contest since he has been working out.  He loses, but he challenges.  And he vows for a rematch. 

Great.  Now, not only do I have to keep doing push ups, but for those of you with reading comprehension skills, you know that I may also need to clean under the couch.  Not only are teenagers expensive to feed and clothe, but they cause other issues too.  Is it worth it?  You better believe it is.

In other news, as most of you know, Aunt Beth is rather enamored with her niece Julia.  So much so, in fact, that she attempted to break her own foot this week. 

CJ had gone to an ironically named cast party Saturday night after the completion of the high school production of Our Town.  He was going to be out late.  I was sleeping as I had just worked an exhausting 45 hour work week.  (Threw that in for my ex-Target peeps).  Beth was staying up late to be the pick up mom.  However, being in her mid-forties took over and she fell asleep sitting cross-legged on the couch.  Her foot must also be fortyish since it fell asleep too.  At 12:45 CJ arrived home having secured a ride with another party goer.  Beth, in a semi-asleep startled state (Alaska I think), jumped off the couch only to have her foot decide standing was not in its best interest.  Down she went. 

I would take a picture of her foot since she seems to be showing anyone that will look, but she is at work and you may want to eat lunch later.  It is black and blue and puffy.   However, thankfully not broken.  CJ and I are especially grateful since mom in a cast means boys doing the laundry. 

I have offered to purchase Beth one of those walker on wheels things where you put your knee on the padded seat and push yourself around with the other leg since we sell them at CVS and they are in next week's ad (spoiler alert!), but Beth has declined my offer.  And proven to me that her fist is not broken.

This is getting rather lengthy so I will sign off.  Let me see what is next on my list.  Aaah yes, snacks.


  1. Love your blog. You give June @ Bye Bye, Pie some competition for funniest stories.

  2. MamaMags, thank you. That is truly high praise considering how funny June is. Her blog is the best. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving to SteVS, Steve's Wife, Beth and CJ!

    I was at The Target today and was thisclose to just checking myself out at the register. Surely I could have learned the whole register system in less time than the guy whose lane I unfortunately chose.
    I like my CVS and I'm going to check out the Easy Feet per your suggestion.