Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What would Mr. Whipple say?

August 2, 2011

As you know, last week was band camp week for CJ.  It was plenty hot and way more intense than he or we ever thought it would be, but he survived and did well.  The whole band exceeded expectations for learning their routine, so congrats to all of them.

At the end of the second week, the seniors initiate the freshmen.  In some ways, the seniors actually initiate the freshman's parents.  I am going to show you pictures of said initiation as soon as Beth gets out of bed.  She has the camera and the camera cable.  Not in the bed with her, but in her purse somewhere.  It is 8:00 and not the right time to be asking or searching.  You guys wait days between posts from me, so I would guess you can wait a few more minutes before I put up the photos.

So as you can clearly not see, the seniors go around and toilet paper the houses, trees, cars, bikes, and pets of the freshmen.  We did send CJ out to clean it up, but Beth was the one who actually did most of the tp removal.  It was slightly windy that day and we have a neighbor who readily complains about anything that inconveniences his yard.  Therefore, Beth got out there with stick in hand and step stool under foot and removed tp from the tree.  I drove around our neighborhood and some trees still look like May fest, so not everyone has neighbors who complain or Beths who know from hard work.  Apparently, the final key to toilet paper removal from trees is water.  It has not rained here in a couple weeks, so I would guess we will see tp flapping in the breeze in some yards until we finally get some rain.

The bonus news is that some of the rolls used in the yard decoration were still rather intact as we cleaned up.  We may not have to go shopping for toilet paper for a few months.  I know!  Hey don't give me grief about using something to wipe my arse that was once lying in my yard.  I know you have gone camping and used a leaf at some point in your life.  Steve, grossing out readers since 2011.


  1. I've eaten candy off the floor in a store or other public area if the wrapper is still on it, so I think I'd use mostly intact tp as well. We are a thrifty breed.

  2. I'd say that looks rather festive. What do they do for the kids that don't have trees? Hopefully not what happened to us. We were forked. Thirty billionty plastic forks stuck in your front lawn. Try to pull those suckers out without them breaking.

  3. Forked!!!! Ahh, Duff brings back memories.

    One time me and my siblings went sign tipping during election season in the small town I grew up in. We went out in the middle of the night and pulled up as many of those signs as we could.

    Those are some of the best memories.