Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hi School!

August 16, 2011

It is day one of CJ entering high school and day one of school year 2011-2012 for Beth. I cannot tell you how excited the two of them were to get back to school, because neither one of them was at all excited.

Last night at precisely 9:53pm, Beth put her head in her hands and started lamenting her long gone life choice to not be a princess. Sure, she had offers in her prime, but she turned them down to stay with me. Suddenly, faced with the choice of going back to work versus leaving me to marry a prince, she could have been swayed. Her kingdom for a clown. Bad choice.

While Beth pouting can be adorable, I decided not to egg on this upstairs situation and wandered downstairs to see if CJ was getting ready for bed. They have to get up at 6am, so getting to bed at 10pm would allow them the beauty sleep they so richly deserve. CJ was sitting in his throne eating a bowl of cereal and watching television. I asked if he was going to bed after finishing his last bowl of cereal for the summer. His look told me that he too wondered if he still had time to become a princess.

I tried not to laugh hysterically at the twos of them as I am not as excited to have the house back to myself on Tuesdays as they think I am. I am missing them awful right now. The reports from the neighbors of loud party music and me dancing around the house in my underwear are greatly exaggerated. Frankly, I do that when Beth and CJ are home, so that is not a new development.

Somewhere in this house, but apparently not on this computer, we have a photo of CJ's first day of kindergarten.  He is sitting on the front porch with mom in almost the same pose as you see above.  How we got him to pose for us this morning is a miracle.  He was not eager for this photo op, but somehow relented.  When I find the original kindergarten pose, I will post it and you all can be ready to say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! and ooooooooooooooh!  Or, if you live in Minnesota, you can say, "For cute!"

As for the above photo, if you look close enough, you will find hints that neither one of them is excited. It is in the eyes.  Beth has a little Michele Bachmann on the cover of Newsweek look in her eyes, and CJ is thinking of researching those Menendez brothers he has heard me refer to before.

I miss you guys too!
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  1. Target Steve,

    If you truly want to embarrass CJ, check out waveatthebus.blogspot guy.

    He truly hit the motherlode on embarrassing his kid.

    Here is a link to his different costumes he wore while waving from the bus stop every day.


  2. Hi School!

    I get it. You're punny.

    your wife