Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There I was, there I was, in the Congo

August 23, 2011

You know the problem with only posting when I have time, is that funny things happen and I think they make great blog fodder, but by the time I get around to posting, I cannot remember what it was I thought was funny.  I certainly have no problem creating really long sentences as it turns out.

So this past weekend was my weekend off.  The work week had been exhausting and stressful, so I spent a lot of time recovering.  I had managed to rub a blister in between my big toe and my second toe (picture not included since feet are ugly) that is a great thing to have when you work on your feet.  I had been walking on it a couple days in some degree of pain before I decided I had to drain it to start the healing process.  You're welcome if you were eating breakfast.  I performed this procedure in a very safe, sterile way, but the area still remained angry.  Finally, on Thursday, I decided to wrap both toes together with a cotton ball and some ointment between them to see if they could get along better as a team the next couple days.  It worked.  After stopping the revolt against the captain of my toes and some rest over the weekend, I was back to blister-free walking yesterday.  Bill Murray and Sergeant Hulka would have been proud of the teamwork.

Yes, I know I just mixed the actor with the character he plays opposite in the movie, Stripes, but would you have known who I was talking about if I had said John Winger?

I also just learned how to spell the word "sergeant".  How does that get abbreviated down to "sarge"?  Or have I always spelled that wrong too?  Probably.


I couldn't find the whole scene, but if you don't know it, you are missing one of film's most iconic moments.  It probably also means you have not seen the movie, Stripes, so you must go get it today. 

In other news, school has completed one full week in session for Beth and CJ and too excited are they to be back.  I can tell that CJ's brain has started to regenerate from a summer of uselessness.  This morning, I asked him what the largest country in Africa was (since he studied Africa last year), and he proudly stated, "Saudi Arabia".  Thank God he was kidding.  I know this because he laughed and immediately changed his answer to Mexico.  I am having trouble making the letter x work into my crossword answers.

Finally, we did something last Saturday that I would recommend to anyone with children.  The three of us went to Panera for bagels for breakfast.  Panera is not the key to the operation, nor are the bagels.  The mission was to simply connect as a family and review the week.  Electronic devices were forbidden and questions were raised.  These teenager/high school years are very important and we want to stay involved.  Some of CJ's friends are already experimenting with alcohol and the opposite sex (not necessarily at the same time), and we want to make sure this does not become an issue.  It is also a good time to discuss classes and friends and whatever so we can provide support and wisdom in case CJ needs trouble shooting in any of these areas. 

The benefit for me in doing this at a public place, is that if CJ has a question about geography or the opposite sex (or about the geography of the opposite sex) there may be someone in the crowd who may know the answer.  Both of these topics are beyond my scope.   The way CJ was looking at the girls walking around in their workout clothes, those questions may be coming soon.

I am off to the store to buy a map....of Africa.

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  1. "After stopping the revolt against the captain of my toes....." too funny!