Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Honestly, I have never done drugs!

June 7, 2011

My sister and her family will be arriving in just 3 days!  I think my brother and his family will be driving up from Louisville for the weekend, but I have not spoken with him personally about that part yet.  I just called his house and spoke with my 15 year-old nephew who thinks they are coming, but as far as he knows, they are sleeping in a van down by the river.  He was as helpful as CJ would be if my brother had called here.  Except that at least my nephew was awake.  It is 11:00 and CJ is still sleeping.  I had gotten up to take a leak at 1:00am and noticed he was still awake.  I told him to go to bed, but it came as no surprise to me when today Beth informed me that CJ's current favorite song is by Bruno Mars.  It is called The Lazy Song.

So Beth has used her time since the school year ended to clean the house.  Not the dusting/vacuuming type of cleaning; but the kind where you go through the attic, the closet, the drawers, and the shed and purge.  We are neither hoarders nor homeless people devoid of possessions, but we certainly have a lot of old stuff that needed to go. 

One of the things Beth found was a photo album of mine from my high college years.  There were plenty of regrettable pix in there.  One that comes to mind was a golf tournament my friends and I attended called the LBCOD classic.  What we thought was funny back then was really a tasteless tribute to Len Bias and his cocaine overdose.  When I write about how much better Xavier is than the University of Cincinnati later in this post, be reminded of that golden moment in some Xavier students' lives.

The other "interesting" photos were of me and a couple of the girlfriends I had back then.  As Beth showed them to me, she asked what I thought about when I looked back at them.  I told her it made me feel better for Beth as she turned out to be the winner of this guy.  I think she failed to turn her head away from the album as she spewed pretty much on purpose. 

For the record, when Beth later asked me if I still liked her, I told her that in real life I was the winner.

So last night, we went down to the aforementioned University of Cincinnati for CJ's last CYWE concert.  It was a very good concert and CJ did well. 

As we were leaving the campus, we drove by a young man urinating on the side of a building.  Classy.  I started making some remarks about the quality of education there at UC, when Beth pointed out to all of us why it was okay for him to relieve himself there.

She pointed to a sign along the curb that had the 16th letter of the alphabet on it with a circle around it, and a line through the circle.  There was no such sign on the side of the building.  Once you figure this out (are you done counting?), you will see that apparently there were no restrictions against P-ing on the side of the building.

I really am the winner.

I just reread this and noticed that I mistakenly typed "high college years" when I had changed my thought from high school years to college years.  I am not changing it because I cracked my own self up.

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