Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

As it turns out, we took 102 pictures yesterday, so previewing them all and making sure you don't put any inappropriate shots of young children on the Internet takes more time than I have right now.  Therefore, I am giving you some highlights of yesterday which may include some photos that Ansel Adams would not approve of.

The adults....and Julia.

Me, my sister, my brother....and Julia.

The children-none of which are actually in the witness relocation program.  I am not sure why it is all blurry, or why a stuffed bunny would need to be in a witness relocation program.

Ben was missing from the previous photo so he gets to show off the bubble show Beth had supplied for the children.  Even the 14 year-old gave in to temptation and played with bubbles. 

We also had a wiggling water sprinkler.

This was the sleeping arrangement for the babies.

We took a walk across the Purple People Bridge which connects downtown Cincinnati to Northern Kentucky.  For some reason, Beth never took a photo of the models having their Bebe fashion shoot on the bridge. 

I can't remember if one of the models floated away or if we saw a group of balloons that had escaped.

The weather was more than I could have asked for and we took every opportunity to be outside yesterday.  We also stopped at Skyline for chili Cincinnati style, and then at Graeters for ice cream.  The waitress at Skyline got a little frustrated with us.  It was her fault realy since she did not heed my advice to talk slower to the people from Georgia.

It was a big, fun day.  We are going to Kings Island today.  Pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Did all of those kids receive a mysterious phone call that said, "Seven days"?