Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011

It has been a crazy week at work and I am very glad to have the weekend off.  Next week I have to train an intern, train a new manager, and act as store manager while he is away on vacation.  In addition, I have to make sure we are getting the store ready for the upcoming transition to back to school.  I know, BTS already?  The week of July 4th you will start to see backpacks and notebooks, and the other tools of the school trade.  It is one of my least favorite sets not because of what it is, but what it represents-the end of summer.  I realize school does not start for another 6-8 weeks depending on where you live, but I hate seeing patio stuff go away only to be stuck with glue sticks.  Good grief!

As for the weekend, we have huge plans.  Huge, I tell ya.  Right now, CJ is making a cheese sandwich without bread and I am stuck in the time sucking vortex which is the computer.  We slept in until after 9am today, then ate biscuits, and then watched Jim Gaffigan on Net Flix.

We have free trial of Net Flix for about 30 days, so we are finding out that we have not really missed much in the cinematic world the past 12-15 years.  I guess the really big blockbusters aren't on there, but I have not been overwhelmed with two thumbs up choices.

We have enjoyed the stand up comedians such as Gaffigan and Brian Regan, but the only other movies I have watched all the way through were Salt and Easy A.  Both were good enough, but Net Flix may not be something we ever pay for.

Last night Beth and I went to our local downtown and watched a bicycle criterium.  A criterium, or crit, is a bike race held on a short course.  It actually had professional bike racers in attendance who competed for prize money in addition to races for children and amateurs.  We did not stay too long as I was pretty tired, but we did see one whole stage 3 race and the kids' races.  Oddly enough, the crash was in the race for the little kids.  The professional stage 3 race was 50 kilometers and only about 20 of the original 40 entrants were around for the finish.  They looked pretty tired by the end.  These old knees of mine cannot even imagine doing 50 kilos on a bike. 

The other really fun part about the night was that Beth got to make lots of jokes about sausages and bicycle pants.  I will simply let you imagine the hilarity.

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  1. Jesse and I are more tv show watchers than movie watchers. We like catching up on Hoarders and Pawn Stars on Netflix.