Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm guessing not

May 31, 2011

I hope everyone had  a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Ours was interspersed with projects and some family time.  We were able to get the driveway done and the grass cut and some recon shopping for future projects.  We were also able to go out for pizza, have a couple of nice walks, and go to a graduation party.

Some of these things did not involve CJ as he and his man cave are not soon parted.  We lure him out by placing food on the steps and once he is in the kitchen we trap him so he can be exposed to sunlight for awhile.

Surprisingly, he did go to the grad party with us though.  I was shocked since I usually have lure him out with trips to The Garden of Eden for pizza or pretend we are going to a video game store that also sells cheesecake, but he rarely falls for it.  However, this time I asked if he wanted to go to Becky's house and get a burger and he said yes.  It was as though we had starved him enough that a burger at Satan's Village Kitchen would have sounded good.

NOT THAT BECKY IS SATAN!!!  Becky is the younger sister of the young lady the grad party was for.  CJ goes to school with Becky and they rode the bus together for all of middle school.  During those four years they spoke audibly to each other maybe 12 times.  It's not that they don't like each other, it is that neither one of them are big talkers Betty Crocker.

Yet, there we were at the grad party eating food and learning things about high school band.  I got the impression that we were talking to the couple that none of the other people wanted to talk to.  You see, they were the ones with the awesome kid who has a scholarship to college and did great in the band and did all sorts of wonderful things.  Some people do not want to hear how awesome the life of your kid is going.  I used it as a learning experience about band and what CJ will be encountering as he enters high school.

Of course, the other possibility for why I was getting stolen glances from other moms at the party was that I was looking especially good that night.  I had not thought of that.  Go me and my hot self.

I just asked Beth if she thought that was why women were staring at me during the party and she spewed coffee on her IPad.  What do you think that means?  Hot or not? 

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