Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It just might be a lunatic I'm looking for

May 24, 2011

Why do wives always make us men go to the doctor?  Sure, I looked like crap, I was coughing up a lung, and my chest hurt badly enough to grimace every time I laughed or coughed; but doctor?  Not necessary.

So Beth made me an appointment followed by an ultimatum.  I have bronchitis.  The only good thing that has come from the bronchitis so far is that I can cough on my food at the food court and CJ stops stealing my fries.  I have been taking my antibiotic and my steroids and now I use my right hoof to count to ten.  The steroids have a side affect of making things taste a bit metallic.  Oh, and that counting with your hoof thing.

Enough about illness. 

Today is CJ's last exam at school.  Tomorrow he has to go to school for games and grub day followed by a cinematic experience.  Worth every nickle we pay in taxes for his schoolin.  I guess it is a good school if they call it a cinematic experience instead of a flick.  Thursday is 8th grade graduation, and Beth has assured me that CJ's grades are sufficient for him to graduate.  Then summer break starts for those two and they may be a little ready.  Beth has a staff picnic to go to after school today and is not even over-excited about an event with free food.  She was approached by the school psychologist who told her she was looking forward to talking with Beth at the picnic.  Beth told me she wasn't sure why this young lady was wanting to speak with her, and I reminded her that she is a psychologist and that Beth is nuts. 

While this may look like an adorable photo of CJ and his girlfriend Taylor from the 8th grade dance, it is actually an example of two things.  First, it exemplifies CJ's regret that his parents are learning to use the computer.  Second, it is an example of Beth being crazy.  Please notice how CJ's shirt matches Taylor's eyes.  No really, please notice.  As it turns out, the shopping trip for this shirt for CJ had everything to do with finding something to match Taylor's eyes.  While we were shopping, I kept picking out shirts that I liked due to their color.  Beth kept saying, "How about this blue one?"  I admitted that it was nice but wondered if it was too boring.  I would pick another.  "How about this blue one?"  Finally, I remembered my number one piece of advice to make a marriage work, don't take a stand on something that doesn't matter.  You'd be surprised at how many things don't really matter.  It works for me.

So the shirt matches Taylor's eyes.  We did not know anything about her dress in advance, so matching that was impossible.  Beth went with her eyes.  Admittedly, it worked out very well.

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  1. Good point, I need to buy Jesse blue shirts. To make me look good, of course.