Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don't look at me cruel human

May 14, 2011

First, condolences go out to June Gardens, blogger extraordinaire of Bye Bye Pie.  Her cat died yesterday.  She is who introduced me to blogging-June, not her cat.  Her cat taught me how to paws for effect.

Second, congrats to the middle school band, of which CJ is a part, who went to a competition today and scored the highest rating.  They did awesome, especially since they had to meet at the school at 6am and perform at 8am.  Well worth getting up early to hear them.  They sounded great.

Third, my sister and her family will be visiting us in June.  Exciting news!  We are still hoping her husband can make the trip as he is in negotiations with his boss for the time off, but it sounds like they are coming either way.  However, the puppies are not making the trip.  They have two new puppies and we have seen photos-very cute.  CJ was perhaps a bit more excited about the puppies coming than the kids, but I'm sure it was because he is still trying to covertly get us to buy him a puppy.  He does not want us to buy him a little sibling.  CJ even told me he has picked out a name for his new puppy-Rowen.  I think he is naming it after his good friend from school, at whose house he only had a bad time because he had to leave earlier than he wanted and there was still more fun to be had.

Can you tell one of CJ's friends has started reading my blog?  Do you think his name might be Rowen?  Is he cuter than a new puppy?  Uh, no.

So we are starting to get ready for the visit by...doing nothing just yet.  It is still a month away.  Why start early?  We will find them a place to sleep, make sure there are Popsicles in the freezer, and Coke in the fridge.  They are from Georgia, so they must be simple folk.  I will also try to track down some chuckle.

No, I have not lost my laugh, chuckle is something everyone eats in Georgia.  I learned it on the show 30 Rock and blogged about it a while back.  Some people find my blog by searching the words chuckle and pig.  They will be sorry they did that today I bet.

Speaking of puppies, Beth and I visited a pet store last night to look at some puppies.  We only window shop since we are not in the market for a puppy, and if we were, we would be more likely to rescue than purchase.  Looking is fun though since you can pet and play with them, and then leave them there for someone else to feed and clean up after.  However, this puppy last night made us sorry we stopped in.

He was a Jack Terrier.  I did not look to see his actual sex, but his name was Jack, so boy puppy, right?  Anyway, I played with him for a bit and he was quite rambunctious.  Then we left.  Through the glass we could see him lay down and look sad.  As we walked past the store's window, we looked in and he made eye contact for a second.  He then took his ears and rolled them up over his eyes because he could not bear to look at me anymore.  Sniff.  I am glad Beth saw it too as I had a hard time believing that this little puppy could portray this message of abandonment so well.  Tissue, please.

Gosh, Beth and I would so spoil a puppy.  Can't do it.  Would someone please tell a story about how expensive it is to have a sick pet?  Please?  Those are the best puppy buying contraceptives.  Or deterrents.  Yeah, deterrents.


  1. My Lab, Lucy, who I loved more than anything, was diabetic for the last 3 years of her life. Talk about $$$$. Insulin injections twice a day, uber-expensive specialty dog food, those blood glucose testing thingsamajigs. 3 years of this = thousands of dollars. Did that help?

    And also too, by purchasing a pet from a pet store, you contribute to puppy mills. Get a rescue.

  2. Perfect. This is what I need to hear.

    My brother was diabetic and our parents loved him even though he became more expensive. I know I would do the same with a dog.

  3. The only reason I'm not interested in getting a puppy is because I know we wouldn't train it. When we live in a dog friendly apartment, we plan on getting a doggy, and that way we avoid the whole "awww cuuuuute, but STOP EATING ALL MY STUFF" and also poop in the house. Not a fan of that unless they can go in the toilet like most the humans in the house.