Friday, May 20, 2011

Apparently there is nothing funny about being sick

May 20, 2011

I just want to thank the helpful commenter from my last post about NOT having a puppy who said, "puppies are soooo cute!"  Thanks, June.  To make matters worse, one of CJ's classmates has a Facebook photo of herself holding Jack at the pet store.  Beth came across said photo (because Beth is all about spying on CJ's friends on the Facebook), and if I could figure out how to load it from Facebook into this post, you would see that he is not really cute at all.

Tonight is the big 8th grade dance at CJ's school.  For those of you keeping score at home, CJ did finally ask Taylor to the dance.  He did it over Skype just like we used to do when I was in school, and her answer was "Yes!!"  Hopefully, we will have some photos to share of them at the dance.  I am not sure how this will happen as neither Beth nor myself are going to the dance and that leaves the photo taking responsibilities in the hands of a 14 year-old boy.  Back to the Facebook.  I will download you a link since I am just like Link Martindale.

So I am killing time right now until I have to be on  a conference call for work at 9am.  It is about the new intern I will be training over the summer.  It is cool to have an intern because then I do not have to clean up nearly as many spills at the Target since every good manager needs to know how to clean up a spill.

I am also trying to recover from being under the weather the past couple days.  I started feeling poorly
Wednesday which I think correlates with the work I had to do on  Monday and Tuesday.  Our compactor is broken at the store.  This is what we use for all the garbage we don't recycle.  With this rather important piece of equipment down for the count, we were forced to have an open top dumpster delivered.  Yours truly was the main man designated to take out all our garbage to the open top.  Fortunately, it is May and the weather is awesome-you know, 55 and rainy-so multiple trips to the dumpster is exactly what this tired old man needed.  Therefore, by Wednesday, I was sick.  I had also proven why a manager at the Target needs a 4 year degree.  If I had not taken all those business management classes, there is no way I could have handled taking out the garbage.

In the good news department, Beth did not kill me in my sleep last night.  I have not been sleeping well with this cold which meant she has not been sleeping well with this cold.  Then CJ did not feel well this morning and spent 30 minutes in the shower.  He has a Latin test this morning, drum practice after school, and this dance thing tonight.  There is no time to be sick.  Beth put on her best mom face and told him to get well before she punched him in the face.  Mom of the year, my wife.  I think the two of them are so ready for May 26th to come-also known as the last day of school.

Okay, I am going to go take my conference call.  I have tried to contact the new person I am going to train, but he has not returned my emails or phone calls.  Perhaps he has gotten the word that I am going to make him take out all the garbage.  You don't think he reads my blog, do you?

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