Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate

May 3, 2011

Saturday April 30th was Beth's birthday.  The year of her birth will remain a mystery as women who are half way to 90 do not want others to know their age.

I tried for a wondrous celebratory day for Beth, but it had a couple of hiccups.

Things started out well as I accompanied Beth to the BMV.  What says "I love you" more than volunteering to go with someone to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  Sarcasm?  No!  Think about it.  It was one of the most romantic things I have ever done.  How many of you would volunteer to go with your spouse to the BMV, or any government run institution, knowing there was a chance that you and your 50 closest friends will be sitting in chairs with screaming children, people talking loudly on their phones, disgruntled employees, and a number system that has been touched by thousands of people and their grubby paws every day?  None of you?  My point exactly.

However, we were surprised to find this wonderful Saturday morning that the number of people renewing licenses and such was minimal, the employees were friendly, and Beth's new license photo was adorable.  Birthday off to a good start.

I then took Beth for coffee at her favorite Starbucks.  I did not even know she had a favorite Starbucks.  As it turns out, it is a quaint little yuppie coffee house at which we secured the best couch in the place and drank coffee and discussed life together for a good while.  Step two of birthday going well.

Then we got CJ off to his soccer games (he referees games) and we cut the grass.  I know this does not sound like big fun, but since Saturday was the only day with no rain predicted this week, it had to be done.

Here is where things started to turn a bit.  I did not put 2 and 3 together when Beth had told me she bought a Groupon for a place called ZZ's Pizza.  Her desire was to go there on her birthday on the  way to the Red's game, which we have had tickets to for 6 weeks.  Beth isn't the biggest sports fan ever, but she does enjoy going to the games.  Plus, it was Joey Votto bobblehead night.  Woot!

However, I screwed up this plan by telling CJ it was okay to go to his buddie's house after reffing as long as he was ready to go by 5:30 for the 7:00 game.  This rather ruined the pizza thing.  Carp!

Then, I picked up CJ from his buddie's house and CJ announced he did not have a very good time.  Silence!!  Too late.  Then the route I chose to the game had a detour in it that I was unaware of, which took us on a path that is way more stressful than our normal route to the game.  It brought us into downtown Cincinnati from the opposite side that we usually choose which then meant choosing a different parking lot from our norm.  Oh, the stress.  Add in the fact that it was bobblehead night, the weather was ideal, and therefore, the game was sold out; and you got yourself a whole mess of stress.  Help me baby Jesus.

The night got saved when I found a parking spot, we walked swiftly to the gate, and were able to secure 3 Joey Votto bobbleheads.  Thank you baby Jesus!

Now, here is where things got interesting.  Beth's family is made up of her parents and six older brothers.  Brother number six, in descending order, is her twin-he is a few minutes older.  And before you ask, no, they are not identical.  THANK YOU GROWN UP JESUS!!!  As you geniuses out there have probably figured out, they share the same birthday.  So far, on this day, they have not called each other.  Why, I do not know, maybe they forgot the other's birthday.  Awkward.

So, let me remind you that there are 40,000 people attending this ballgame and who do we see walking to their seats in the same section of the stands as us?  Twin brother Chuck and his wife and friends.  Seriously, they were sitting like 12 seats away from us.  What are the chances of that?  I mean come on.  Is it too late to play the lottery?

So, Beth and Chuck were able to wish each other happy birthday in person.  Chuck turned 45, but I am not telling you Beth's age.

Then, a poor Red's performance for 7 innings turned into a comeback victory and all possibilities of a bad birthday were gone.  Our crops were saved. 

Mother's Day is coming up, so I was thinking pizza sounded good.  I sure wish we had saved a coupon for a good pizza place..


  1. This was awesome! I wish I had a twin that I could share super powers with.

  2. CJ didn't have a good time at my house?