Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer, why do we love thee?

July 16, 2011

Why a tribute to Elke Summer, you may be wondering? Who the heck is Elke Summer (Sommer)? Not really sure. She was a model/actress back in the 60's. No, this post is not about her.

What about Summer Sanders? The Olympic gold medal winning swimmer from 1992? No.

This is a photo montage of our summer. I promised my sister some photos and I have some from the highlights of our recent activities, so let the fun begin:

We found toe prints on the shelf of our microwave stand in the kitchen.  Did a raccoon get in?  Should we call a critter ridder?  Uh, no.

Julia was here!  There must have been something of value to her on the top shelf.  I wonder if she got it?

These are the young ladies (and their mom) for whom I chaperoned Beth to Indianapolis.  I hope mom does not read my blog.  If so, fierce shoes, Grandma.  The beautiful young lady in white will be wedding a nice young man in September.  She is now clean.  It is hard to tell as I could not find any really awesome photos of her from the shower.  Also pictured, her sisters.  Together, they are my favorite nieces-in-law from Indiana.

Beth befriended the host's daughter, Julia.  I know!  They are like twins, the Julias.  This Julia had just said to Beth, "Here comes him with the camera again."  Actually, I was not at their house for the shower as I am a man and no men allowed.  I had gone to a movie and then made a friend in the host's basement.

Plymouth.  We are now buds.  Part of the He Man Women Haters Club, banished to the basement.  Obviously, Plymouth is in the back yard for this photo.   I was lucky to not be banished outside as well.  I had to snap the photos, Plymouth has no thumbs.

No, we are not the proud owners of a new hamster.  We are currently pet-sitting a friend's hamster, Fifi.  Beth has proven once again that we cannot be pet owners as she has taken to this cute little thing.  She has fed it gourmet carrots and cherries and nursed it back to health every time it flings itself around its wheel from running too fast.  I think it was the sugar buzz from the cherries.  (No Rowen, Fifi was never actually harmed, as far as you know.)

What has CJ been doing?  Soon, this cocoon will become a beautiful butter-boy.

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