Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ba dum bum

July 9, 2011

We have new manager at work, who I will call Bethany.  She is destined to be a good addition.  Target thinks so because she is energetic and has a good head on her shoulders.  However, that is not why I think so.

The other day we were discussing the day's sales and she told me things were picking up because she just saw a man go through the checkouts with a cart full of kitty litter.  I said that was so weird since earlier I saw a cat go through the checkouts with a bunch of toilet paper.  She laughed very hard, thus allowing me to assess her as a good manager.  Priorities people.

So as July goes, it has been an interesting month.  CJ has marched in the holiday parade with his tenors and learned that after carrying them for 6 hours, they get heavy.  Someone had to lift them off of him at the end of the parade.  No, the parade was not 6 hours.  They did not march from here to Dayton.  There was practicing and rehearsals and practicing and marching.  And it is July.  A little warm.  I Heard him for all of 20 seconds and he sounded great.

Tomorrow, we drive to Indianapolis for our niece's wedding shower.  I will be chauffeuring Beth and her mother for this excursion.  Men are not allowed at the shower.  Is this a blessing?  Or does something go on at these things I need to know about?  What this does mean is that I will be driving and then finding something to do in Indy for a couple hours.  Hmmm.  Wings and beer probably a bad idea.

Shower tomorrow means clothes buying today for Beth.  She does not have a closet full of clothes ripe for any occasion.  Girl never buys clothes, and then wears the ones she has until they are no longer nice enough to be seen at a shower.  Something about that sentence looks weird.  Anyway, Beth is out in the world shopping for clothes, which is an activity she enjoys as much as she likes plucking her eyebrows.  AND, she is PMSing right now.  If you see a news break later about a department store clerk who was "allegedly" bitch-slapped, please recommend a good defense attorney.

I now have the house to myself as CJ just left to go to play rehearsal.  He is part of the tech crew-in charge of the light board.  High school plays are not especially tech tricky, so it sounds like a long 5 hours.  It is 5 hours away from the game system, so that is good.  His girlfriend is in the play, so maybe he will actually say hi to her.  Smooth like his old man, this kid is.

So me and my new chaise lounge have an appointment.  I always feel bad about stealing away from Beth and CJ to tap into the IPod and lounge for awhile, so today seems like the right time.  Plus, I bought one of those clip on bug repellents, so I will be livin it up, livin it up, oh yeah.  Aaaah.

Wait, did someone just fire up their circular saw?  Good grief!

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  1. I also wouldn't be surprised if we also see the story about the woman who slapped the blogger who blogged about her PMS.

    I HATE shopping. I'm glad I have a friend in Beth who shares my sentiment.