Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not in the face!

July 24, 2011

Being the scientific intellectuals that we are, Beth and I conducted an experiment of sorts this week.  First, on Friday we went to the new movie, Friends with Benefits.  Then, on Saturday, we rented No Strings Attached.  I know, we are just like Pavlov and his dogs with the case studies we have going on over here.

There has been a lot of humorous compare and contrast videos wandering the Internet as the two movies seem to have very similar plots.  In the trailers, at least.  However, what Beth and I can share with you is that the two movies bear very little similarities either in their story lines or in their quality.

NSA was one of the five worst movies I have ever seen all the way to the end.  FWB is one of the five best romantic comedies I have ever seen.  Beth and I compared our waste of viewing time for NSA to experiences we have had viewing Waterworld and Barton Fink.  Between the three movies, we have lost seven hours of our lives that we will never get back. 

Yes, I know that Barton Fink was critically acclaimed, but keep in mind that movie reviews are subjective.  Also keep in mind that I am neither Siskel nor Ebert, so my opinion should not be your sole criteria for viewing any of the above mentioned movies.

Had I been given a choice between seeing either NSA or FWB based on the trailers, I would have gone with NSA and assumed both movies would be cheesy.  My basis for choosing NSA would have been Natalie Portman.  She was adorable in Garden State.   Mila Kunis was cute in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but I was not convinced she could beat out Natalie Portman.  I have never been a big fan of Ashton Kutcher or his punks.  While Justin Timberlake has been funny on SNL, I did not think he could carry a whole movie.

I figured going to see a Justin Timberlake movie would be like how one of CJ's friends described the game Wall Ball they played at school.  I have never played it or seen it played, but I gather you get to throw a ball at other people or at a wall.  Or you throw a ball at the wall trying to then make it hit somebody.  Not sure.  However, apparently, if you get hit in the face, you then get to be the one throwing the ball at somebody else.  Jack described the moment as the ball was bouncing off the wall as a mixed emotional bag.  He would be hoping to get hit in the face so he could then be the one throwing the ball, but he had to GET HIT IN THE FACE!  I understand the dilemma.

That is what I thought as we decided to go see FWB.  I am going to hopefully see a funny movie, but I have to watch Justin Timberlake acting to do so.  My apologies to Justin Timberlake and his acting coach.

Then comes the writing.  The exchanges between the two characters in FWB were priceless.  You really have to pay attention as some of the barbs come at you rather quickly, but I really enjoyed the witty repartee.  Throw in some memorable scenes like JT performing the Kriss Kross, classic, Jump, and be prepared to laugh yourself silly.  Even the supporting characters play key roles in the funny.

I will not play spoiler to any more of the movie, but I will tell you that I would recommend it.

Please feel free to share your opinions if you have seen any of the above mentioned movies.  Unless your opinion involves throwing a ball at my face.

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  1. I was just telling Jesse that I haven't seen Waterworld in a really long time and I remembered liking it when I was like 14. I wanted to see it again. And he was like, why?