Sunday, May 2, 2010

Those carrots must be working!!

May 2, 2010

I have been watching some television and playing some video games this afternoon after church since the rain has come and any outside activity has been cancelled.  I referreed a couple of soccer games in the rain yesterday as our local high school has synthetic turf.  I made $50, so there was dinner money and Chipotle money for the weekend.  CJ was supposed to have had 2 games this weekend, but they were at schools with grass fields, so they were washed out.  The video games have been quite relaxing, and have kept me away from the window where I could probably actually see the grass grow.  I put the weed 'n feed on my lawn last Tuesday, unbeknownst to Beth.  Don't tell her, kay?  She would never figure it out, even though I cut my yard the same day as my next door neighbor and mine is now twice as tall as his.  "Perhaps we just have healthier grass", she might think.  "Perhaps it got a better night's sleep, or its mother held it more as a grass seed".  She is really pretty, so she might be that dim.  What guy would be so lucky as to have found a bride that was both pretty and smart. 

So I sat down to the computer as it was time to break away from the television.  Somehow that makes sense.  Anyway, as I looked at the screen, all the letters looked bigger.  Now I am not that good looking, so I must be really smart.  (Or perhaps Beth went oh for two).  Therefore, I have figured out that I can read everything on the computer better.  I can only assume that the carrots I ate for dinner the other night just kicked in.  Carrots are good for eyesight, I read that somewhere.  Perhaps, if I go eat another big bowl of carrots, I can see through walls soon, so efficient was that one helping of carrots.  Maybe my genetics have just kicked in and if I go eat some applesauce, I will never have to go to the doctor again.  All the wives tales are coming true for me.  It couldn't possibly be that Beth has made some adjustment to our font size and made it bigger.  I know I am ready to ditch these reading glasses.  Yes, I needed them to cut my fingernails this morning so that I would not sever a fingertip.  Yes, I realize that it was a short time ago that I needed my glasses to work on the crossword puzzle.  However,  I know I can see the screen better now.  Wait, maybe it is the combination of carrots and video games.  What do you think?

Okay, I know what you are actually thinking, and yes, I will choose a more exciting topic next time.

Before I go then, I will formally announce the end of Beth's birthday month.  Her birthday was Friday, April 30th.  I got her a Bye Bye Pie canvas tote.  She loved it and it arrived on her birthday.  I was a hero.  Write down this birthday.  We also took her to The Cheescake Factory for dinner.  Delicious! 

Now, to formally annouce the beginning of Mother's Day month.  I have a week to come up with another perfect gift for Beth.  Actually, CJ has to come up with this one.  She is HIS mother.  Sweet relief for me.  I think CJ is thinking mom needs a puppy.  He may be going for the last laugh after all.

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