Thursday, April 29, 2010

CJ finally gets a cell phone

April 29, 2010

CJ wants a dog, and a cell phone.  In no particular order, he wants to have access to the cellular world, and he wants to have a pet for me and mom to take care of.

I understand the dog thing, they look so cute and they are man's best friend and all.  Plus, if you get the right one, they can save you from a well, or get you a beer from the fridge, or get all your sheep back where they belong.  However, we have no sheep, CJ does not drink beer here at home yet, and there are not a lot of wells here in suburbia.

As for the cell phone, I don't get that either.  I have argued his case for the phone thing on occassion.  When he was on the cross country team and the bus driver would get lost on the way to every other meet, I would have loved for him to be able to call me.  If his beer drinking at those so-called slumber parties were to get out of hand, I would like him to be able to call me.  Then I could call him a cab to throw up in on the way home. 

For the record, CJ is 13, DOES NOT DRINK ALCOHOL, and would probably call his mom for a ride.  Nevermind that she cannot see at night when she drives, he knows my temper needs some cool down time before I give him a ride home from drinking at age 13.  Whereas, mom would lecture him on the way home, he could sleep with his eyes open on the ride (even with all the spinning), and then ask mom what age she was when she started drinking socially.  She would stop lecturing...and then find me and ask what conversations I had been having with our son.  Punishment deflected.

Anyway, the cell phone part I do not understand, has to do with the phone conversations I hear CJ having on our land line.  They go something like this:

CJ:  Hello.
Friend:  vnbowehskjhsdfihaekjeionsdnknddsnknv jkdeh
CJ:  I dunno
Friend:  nvoewnfrk nowivsdkljflas ndofklenronvlksJ' NOSIFKJH dikhj
CJ:  Okay
Friend:  jhowe nowiehkjsdb
CJ:  Bye

While I realize this conversation would not have cost me a lot of minutes, still....

So the dog.  Beth keeps telling CJ that we will get a dog, .....right after he moves out.  Not only that, but we will name it CJ.  This drives him a bit crazy.  Whenever he asks why, we just tell him that we would still have someone named CJ we could yell at outside to get out of the street when a car is coming, or bring us the paper, or turn on the coffee maker, or perhaps go for a walk.  All things we currently have to/get to do with boy CJ.  The silence from the back seat usually speaks volumes. 

Tonight though, CJ actually started getting used to the idea.  He asked what kind of dog CJ was going to be and other questions in order to prove that we could not get under his skin by saying we were going to get a dog after he moves out.  That is, until Beth reiterated that we were going to get a dog after he moved out...and buy it a cell phone.  Game, set, match.


  1. I'm 23. My parents got me a cat when I was 8 years old. That cat has been toted around with me since I moved out. He may want to rethink this decision for a pet that is "his" if it means him having to pay pet deposits and vet bills for the next 15 years. 15 years! Cats are supposed to die when it's convenient for their owners, not live lives of longevity. I understand dogs don't usually live as long (zombie dog?) but he's starting at 13. IT'S ONLY THE BEGINNING.

  2. I'm laughing my rear off, right now. I love your wife. We could get along quite well. Great post!