Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fawn, for you

April 3, 2010

Fawn, I tried to comment on your blog, but it wouldn't let me since I have no google account.  It has given me different options before, but I may be too tired to figure it out this time.

All I wanted to tell you is that I thought the key thing you posted was that you guys "like" each other.  What I feel is often missing from marriages, relationships, or partnerships, is that people both love each other AND like each other.  When this exists, they are willing to compromisee, they make decisions based on how it will affect the other person, and they don't try to hurt each other's feelings.

Perhaps if you and Shawn tackle a potentially difficult situation together, you will see how you each react to the other person under trying circumstances.  Take the 7 kids on an outing or vacation together, or something like that. 

Either way, good luck to you.


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  1. Thanks for the advice Steve - sorry I hadn't read in a few days. Been kinda busy with the wedding planning and all! But I appreciate the well wishes. We deal with all seven kids this weekend so I'm sure a blog will be posted Monday on how THAT goes. We've been through some trying stuff though, and I'm happy to report that we came through it beautifully.

    Also, I think you guys pretty much rock for spending your vacation time in Atlanta, helping out sis. What a cool brother you are. :) Can't wait to hear about the trip.