Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why is summer going so fast?

May 22, 2010

I know, it has been two weeks since I posted last, but summer seems to be flying by and it is not even officially here yet.  I don't have a lot of time now either, as I need to get to work shortly.  Also, I apologize for calling you "shortly".

So let me update you on the life happenings that have gone on at the Steve house.

First, CJ (the boy) has gotten a phone.  Fancy, no, but it does have the qwerty keyboard.  Not long ago, someone had to explain the qwerty meaning of qwerty.  I find it strange that someone left-handed got to pick the name of the keyboard.  Why not a poiuy keyboard?  Looking at it, I think I see why.

So CJ with a phone.  Let the record show that his manipulative skills are top notch.  When he and I discussed who is "girl of interest" is these days, he surprised me when he let on that there was one.  Color me curious.  However, when pressed to spill who the lucky lady was, he said he would only tell me via text.  Text from his own phone.  Hmmm.  Well played.  When I relayed this info to Beth, who almost jumped in the car to drive to the store immediately for a phone?  Yeah, Beth.  Are we too involved in CJ's "love" life?  Maybe, but our love lives are pretty settled, so we are looking to branch out to live vicariously through his.  Besides, there should not be a lot of drama in the love life of a 13 year-old.  It is more fun than anything. 

Back to the black mail.  So CJ gets his phone this week and texts me with the name of the girl, and I approve.  She is pretty, sure, but more importantly, she seems very nice and has a nice personality.  If you have met my Bethie, you know these are things I value in a woman, so it is good to see CJ going down the same path.  Let the texting begin.

In other news, we participated in a volunteer event last weekend called Go Cincinnati.  It was organized by our church several years ago and has evolved into the involvement of 70 churches, 7000 volunteers, and 400 projects.  The one we went to was at The Children's Home of Cincinnati.  We weeded and did yard work.  I still have the blister to prove I did some work.  Great idea, great fun, and great people.

Finally, since I have to run in a second, if my two co-managers happen to read, good luck in your new endeavors.  Leslie is moving on to a Human Resources position at Aveda, and Tom is moving to another Target as a Logistics ETL.  It has been great working with you both and I wish you well in your new work places.  Please come visit.  Also, do not be surprised when you start to get blamed for everything wrong at our store as that is how I play the game.  Scapegoats, both of you.

Smell you later.


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  1. I love the scapegoat game! "It was such and such who left 6 months ago. They made a lot of mistakes under my name, I know!"