Friday, May 7, 2010

What baby book did you find those names in?

May 7, 2010

My son has a friend named Kristian.  Yes, I spelled that correctly, even though I wish I had not for the purposes of this story.  So, Kristian was over at our house yesterday when I got home from work.  He and CJ and Kristian's younger brother were down in our basement.  Beth was telling me this and mentioned Kristian's brother's name.  I looked at her rather strangely when she told me the name.  She thought I was upset that the boys were here, but that was not the case.  "What were their names?, I asked.  "Kristian and Ethan", she said.  Thank goodness.  I had thought she said Kristian and Heathen.  I thought the parents were trying to be funny.  I have met the parents, and while they are very nice, I did not find them to be the type of people who would name their boys Kristian and Heathen.  What if they had a couple of girls next?  Would we be meeting Pagan and Evangelica

Okay, I do not know where to go with that next, so moving on.

Last night was CJ's band concert.  He plays in both the concert band and the jazz band.  He is a percussionist.  They played a total of six songs, and it sounded good.  The eighth grade band then played seven songs and were not too bad either.  Kristian came with us, just to watch.  Not too sure how many good friends there are out there like that.  He is a really nice kid (unlike his heathenistic little brother).  Beth's mom also made it.  It was a nice evening.  CJ even remembered his music.  Kristian became our photographer, so when I get those photos downloaded, I will add them in.  All the cool kids brought their stadium seats to use on the bleachers in the gym.  Yes, I was the only cool kid there.  I could tell everyone else was quite jealous.  I'm 45 now, I would rather be comfortable then cool.  Plus, I have never been cool, so I might as well go with comfortable.

Thank goodness the day ended well as it did not start out that great.  There were all kinds of service issues to rectify at the store today with our coolers and freezers, and it isn't always fun to jump through the hoops it takes to get things fixed sometimes.  Then, right before I left, I found out a coworker I like working with may be leaving.  I have helped to train her and gotten to know her, so it was disappointing to find out she may be moving on.  I wish her well and am happy for her, but getting new managers all the time can get a bit old.  For now, her possible departure is a secret, so don't tell anyone, 'kay?   Thanks.


  1. Why, why I ask, would those parents spell their son's name with the feminine spelling? Why????

  2. Hey, don't know how to email you, but it's Laurie S. from Nashville via Bye Bye Pie - I haven't been downtown, but it is mainly open, etc. See for more info - there were some front page stories today about various downtown spots and their status. Safe travels!