Thursday, May 27, 2010

School's Out!!!

May 27, 2010

Congrats to Beth and CJ as today is the last day of school before summer break.  They have very different last days ahead of them as Beth is helping high school students get through their final exams, and CJ is having field day. 

Who is taking field day more seriously this year then any other year?  Testosterone boy, that's who.  I watched him push a boy on the soccer field last week for the first time ever, and now he is taking gloves to school for the tug-o-war.  I measured him against the wall last night, as that is what we have been doing to measure his growth progress since August, 2001.  He measured 44 inches on that day, not long after we moved into this house.  He measure 66 inches yesterday.  I figure if he grows 2 inches per year (I did some rounding there for those of us Beth is not helping with Algebra right now), CJ will be 96 inches tall when we move out of here in 15 years. 

Why 15 years?  We are refinancing our house and signing the papers Saturday to get a lower rate and shorten our house loan to 15 years.  With the stock market dropping, it made sense.  We asked ourselves before we did it how long we plan on being in this house.  We decided that if CJ finishes 8th grade and high school here (5 years), goes to a local college and stays with us for some free room and board and laundry service (4 years), and then stays with us until he gets established in a job and/or relationship (??? years), we have given ourselves some cushion to be in this house 15 more years.  CJ would be 28, and we will be getting ready to be Grandpa and Grandma in our townhouse. 

It will be interesting to read this 15 years from now and see how these plans actually played out. 

If CJ is 8 feet tall in 15 years, we may be watching him sit the bench on some professional basketball team. 

So field day.  What are your memories of field day?  I loved it as a kid because I was way into athletics.  I remember trying to throw the softball farther than anyone else, or run around the school with the best time, or seeing who could jump the farthest, or who could hold them most tennis balls.  Yeah, that one was a little weird.    I was never a winner.  It was always that Jim Rice kid, or Bobby Valentine, or Jimmy Kramer, or John Hubbuch. 

Wow, I had no idea that I went to school with famous people!  Sure, I may have the names slightly wrong as it was over 30 years ago that I was having field days, but I don't think I am that far off on some of the names of the better athletes in my grade school.  I am pretty sure none of them ever went on to be baseball players for the Boston Red Sox, or Managers for the New York Mets, or Mad Money guys.  If only I were into Face Book, I could figure out what happened to these guys.

Face Book.  No, I think not. 

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  1. You could also just shorten it to 5 years and kick him out after he graduates. What's that you say? No compassion?