Monday, April 1, 2013

Starting April with snow and the wisdom of Fergie

April 1, 2013

Happy April.  It is currently snowing outside which is awesome since it is also opening day for baseball.  Perfect.

I spoke with my sister last night since she is way awesome about calling on the holidays.  I asked her why she did not post her guilty pleasure and she pointed out that I already shared her Maniloonie phase with all the blogosphere.  However, she then let it slip that I forgot about her love of all things from both Duran and Duran.  She is correct, better to keep those things private.  Safe with me.

I am trying to come up with an April Fools prank to play on CJ, but so far my brain is not cooperating.  I have only thought of either telling him it was a good thing we went to visit his Great Aunt Rhetta last night as she passed away this morning; OR sending him on a walk to Kroger to purchase some juice whilst giving him our expired credit card.  Neither one of these seems like an especially good idea.  Not enough caffeine yet today.

That brings me to the point of this exercise.  Yes, I did go around the barn to get to the house, but here I am, at the point.

All soda is leaving our house and not returning.  There are 3 cans of Diet Coke, a couple cans of Sprite, and several cans of Dr Pepper left in the kitchen that will not survive our April cleanse.  Beth is starting a diet that is sabotaged by pop, and I need to stop drinking the stuff.  For me, this does not mean giving up caffeine as the world would suffer right along with me.  AND, I still have the belief that were I a little kid today, I would probably be diagnosed with some sort of ADD.  The recommended medications for this involves doctor prescribed caffeine.  It helps me focus.  I would miss it like a child misses its blanket.  Without caffeine, I would quote Fergie even more often.

Therefore, it is either coffee or a vitamin caffeine substitute for me.  I took something called Guarana  (I think) years ago that was supposed to either be a substitute or a cure for the caffeine withdrawal, I can't remember.    If you have any ideas, please share.  However, they cannot involve any of those caffeine boost products like 5 Hour Energy.  I am not going to do that to my heart.  Men in their forties keep having heart attacks around me and I keep telling myself it has something to do with energy drinks and boosters.  Combine that with stress and it is a cardiac event cocktail. 

So I am off to drive Beth to Whole Foods for a juice.  As part of her diet plan, Beth is going on the juice.  I suppose I will be coming to you in May asking for help in getting her off the juice, but for now, here we go.  Or, as Fergie would say, big girls don't cry and look at my humps.


  1. You could try yerba mate'. It's a South American herb much like guarana that has less caffeine than coffee and is a favorite among all Argentines, Uraguayans, Paraguayans and Brazilians. You can find it at the Whole Foods as well as the juice.

  2. Excellent tip. Thanks. I think Beth has actually tried this before. We may have the tea here in our house. Must go look.

  3. Good luck with the soda withdrawal. After giving up daily Coke (Coca Cola, just to be clear) years ago and then realizing how much I craved them at the time, I very seldom drink soda now.

    Coffee and tea? That's a different story. I drink one or the other every day. Without sugar or sweetener. I've cut back on the sugar, not the caffeine.

    You definitely came up with a good April's Fools prank. I'm sure CJ was thrilled.