Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Not as good as Kargo Kids, but it'll do

April 2, 2013

I want to thank Lisa Pie for the advice for my caffeine consumption.  You can see it in the previous post's comments if you too are looking for suggestions.

My mother-in-law also made a vitamin suggestion for me the other day.  No, she does not read my blog.  That would involve 21st century electronics and she is not ready.  Beth still goes over and helps her with her cable box on occasion so she can watch old British detective shows.  I think her 8-track of Streisand music is getting a bit worn.  Not a blog reader, I am trying to say.

However, Beth had told her I was having illness issues (allergy/mucus/cough cough/Beth tried to smother me in the bed Thursday night issues), so she ran out and bought me some Turmeric Curcumin.  What a nice gesture, you may be thinking.  Well, here is what the bottle says its uses are:  Immune Health and Brain Health.

Which one of these do you think I noticed first?  Yes, my M-I-L has given me an herbal supplement to help my brain.  Thank you.

Speaking of my lack of brain health, I was able to pull off one April Fool's Day prank yesterday.  CJ was sleeping in, which was helpful.  Beth and I went shopping for food for my brain yesterday, so by 10am I had thought of something.  I called the house hoping to wake CJ.  Cruel?  No, it was 10:00.  Even if he had stayed up until 2am (which he didn't), this would be 8 hours of sleep.  Time to get up.  I had counted on waking him since he would then not have realized the date.  I had to let the phone go to machine the first time, then hang up and call again.  The phone ringing twice meant that the incoming call was important.  A groggy voice answered the second time.  I apologized for waking him, but told him that we had just run into Grandma coming out of Trader Joe's as we were going in.  She had told us that she was going to stop by our house to drop off some money she had meant to give CJ on Easter, and would he be able to come out to the car to retrieve it.  Absolutely, he was willing to get dressed and go wait by the front door for Grandma's money delivery service. 

15 minutes later I texted him (very brave of me) to deliver the real message, APRIL FOOLS!  Pleased was he.  His reply, uncensored, was simply "...ugg" .  He kept it clean though I am thinking he filtered it.  We found out later he was more upset about being gotten by dad than having to get out of bed.  Outsmarted by this guy is rather insulting.  Perhaps I should share my new vitamins.

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