Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quiet! Don't tell Beth!

April 27, 2013

Celebrate good times, come on!  It is Beth's birthday weekend which is an event culminating Beth's birthday month, soon to be followed by Beth's actual birthday on Tuesday.  Party, party, party.  We have partied every day like it was her birthday.

However, as it turns out, other than the surprise birthday I have planned on Tuesday, CJ and I have done very little to make this month a celebration.  Lame is what we are when it comes to party planning.  Sure, Beth has gotten to go to work, do laundry, cut the grass, and fry up the dinner in a pan; you know, fun-filled activities worthy of a birthday celebration, but we never got around to letting her scrub down the kitchen walls. 

Scrubbing down the kitchen walls was an expression Beth's dad used to say as something he would like to do.  When given the choice to go Christmas shopping with Beth's mom or do something else, he would always choose to scrub down the kitchen walls instead of going shopping.  I never understood it, but everyone likes to do different things.

So, on Thursday I attempted to come up with something HUGE for Beth's birthday weekend.  I thought I nailed it and made tentative plans for Sunday.  Church followed by brunch at a restaurant down by the river (not to be confused with a van down by the river), and then a musical over in Northern Kentucky.  Apparently, there is a beautiful theater house over there that plays "off-Broadway" musicals.  This one was called Schoolhouse Rock Live.  It featured the songs from our childhood educational television show with the same name.  Songs like "Just a Bill", "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here", and "Conjunction Junction" still echo through my brain even though I am not sure I actually learned anything more than the song.  Couldn't tell you how a bill becomes a law.  For all I know that poor guy is still sitting there on Capitol Hill.

However, credit card in hand, something stopped me from making the brunch reservations or reserving the tickets.  Minutes later I heard Beth and CJ remember that CJ has an event to go to on Sunday from 4-7 and had picked up some soccer games to referee on Sunday between 1-3.  Whew.  That would have been aggravating to have gone to brunch and a show by myself.  Or to have to find a date on such short notice.  Crisis averted.

So if any of you are in town Tuesday and want to come to the surprise birthday party celebrating the beginning of Beth's 39th year on planet Earth, feel free to stop by.  It is BYOB.  I have arranged for Beth to scrub down the walls in the kitchen and then the rest of us are going to paint it.  Bring Your Own Brush.  I will supply the paint.  Seemed like the right time to do it since the walls were going to be so clean.  I hope the neighbors don't call the Po Po as it could get cray up in here on Tuesday. Woot!


  1. Happy birthday to Beth! One of the luckiest and smartest women on the planet. : )

  2. I'm a day late and a dollar short, but what else is new?

    Happy Birthday, Beth. Hope you had an awesome day. Did Steve and CJ manage to surprise you?