Saturday, May 25, 2013

I think I'm back to being a human

May 25, 2013

I know many of you have started new jobs before, so you know what it can be like.  You may have also encountered the challenge of starting a new job with something to prove.  Therefore, you know the challenges of what I am going through right now.

I knew that there were many of my peers who were upset that they got passed over for the store manager gig I got.  There are plenty of reasons that they thought they wanted this store, but most of them centered around the numbers it is pulling in.  The previous store manager had done a lot of good things and saw the store through a transition to becoming a 24-hour store, so they knew it would not be a bad store to inherit.

I feel the same way.  It is a great opportunity for me.  Close to home, good volume, good people, excellent chance for bonus.  Considering the pay cut I took to leave Target and join CVS, it has the potential to get me back to par by the end of my first year.  I am blessed.

However, I have worked very hard my first three weeks for two reasons.  First, that is who I am.  Everywhere I go, I take me with me.  Sometimes I leave parts of me behind and reinvent other parts, but my work ethic always tags along.  I am not unhappy about this.  My mother instilled this in me and I feel like I would be letting her down if I changed.

The second reason I have been busting it for three weeks refers back to my "something to prove" intro.  I know there are people out there pulling up my numbers every week hoping to see them dip.  "I knew I should have gotten that store."  "Can you believe they let a new manager go in there and mess things up?"

Does anyone want to be inside my head?  No, I thought not.  Sometimes the voices get really loud.  Needless to say, when you are hearing things like this in your head, you go about your business with something to prove.  And I have.  My numbers are great so far.  Sales are up, payroll is down.  Controllable profit is very good.  The end result:  Steve is burnt out after three weeks.

My best employee followed the old store manager to his new store.  One of my shift managers was in Ghana on vacation when I started and his return was delayed 2 weeks when he contracted malaria.  Even after taking anti-malaria medication.  Is anyone grateful to be living with indoor plumbing right now?  I am spoiled.  Good reminder of how lucky we are.  I am still haunted by the images in the movie, Slumdog Millionaire.  It makes me hate myself for complaining when I have to clean the bathroom at work.  Fortunately, this young man returns to work on Monday.  (And yes, I do know that Ghana is not in India).

I have another employee who works third shift who has been working two full-time jobs.  80 hours a week will make anyone fatigued.  Unfortunately, he has decided over the past few days that showing up to CVS is optional.  Therefore, Steve has had to work all day, come home, go to bed, get woken up by a distress call, and go back to work all night.  Unpleasant.  Do you know anyone who wants to work third shift?  Call me. 

So here I am, Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  I have scheduled myself off until Tuesday and my assistant has promised me he will try to keep the problems to a minimum.  Here's praying that this happens.  And here is also a prayer that each of you have a great holiday weekend as well.

CJ starts his new job today at 4pm.  He working the front desk at the local pool.  Great gig except for the hat they are supposed to wear.  Not especially cool.  The bosses have told the newbies they only have to wear the hat if they see the food inspector show up.  I will not be eating the food at the local swim club.

CJ also got his temporary license yesterday.  In Ohio, this is what you get so you can start to take driving lessons and so you can drive with a licensed driver before you take the actual driving test and get your license.  You have to have your temps for 6 months, so CJ will be getting his license right before Thanksgiving.  He only missed three out of forty on the temps test, so not too bad considering he barely read the book.  And one of the ones he missed was because he thought everyone in the car had to wear a seat belt instead of just those in the front seat.  I like his answer better.

The weather isn't supposed to be too bad this weekend, so we are going to Wang Chung.  I hope it works out for you as well.  (And you remember who Wang Chung is so everybody can have fun tonight).  Beth and CJ are done with school for the summer, so they have already played some Pink Floyd and eaten their pudding. 

Perhaps I do need some thought control.  Gonna go get some coffee.  Have a great weekend.

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  1. So, if everyone's going to Wang Chung tonight, who's going to let the dogs out?

    Good luck with the new job and embrace the challenge. My mother's best advice? Remember to breathe in AND out!