Monday, March 25, 2013

Seriously, I won't tell anyone.

March 25, 2013

It is spring break for Beth and CJ and they are living it up, oh yeah.  The weather here is not especially Spring-like as it is currently snowing and in the low 30s.  Bummer.  No chance for Beth to run around in her bikini and rob banks like that Selena Gomez chick.  CJ has either been in the basement or in the kitchen for 71 of the past 72 hours.  Showered much?  Uh, no.  As my father used to say, don't go in there. 

So any news we may have would depend on what is happening on the television.  That is why I am here today to talk to you about guilty pleasures.  I refuse to reveal the name of the show I watched whose theme was "Guilty Pleasures", as that would totally expose one of mine.  Beth would gleefully tell you, but I will not let her as you would think me to be a gleek.  Therefore, I will not be gleaking that information.

Just in case some of you went all mentalist on me up there, you may know the show I watch.  If so, I think I need to defend myself.  For the record, I do not care who Finn may or may not have gotten pregnant, what boys like other boys, or that Brittany's cat is into Scientology.  I really only care about the singing. 

Thus reveals my guilty pleasure.  I love to hear Lea Michele sing.  I have been know to go on YouTube just to search for videos of her performances.  The same goes for other performers I like such as Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood, and some of the contestants auditioning for X Factor or The Voice.   I really enjoy a great female singing voice.  That does not mean that I am biased against male voices.  I do think Darius Rucker could be the singing voice of God in a musical and either Brooks or Dunn (I can never remember which one has the incredible vocals) has caused me to play the song "I Believe" 5 times in a row.

So, what is your guilty pleasure?  If you are not sure how to pick one, pretend you could go on You Tube with no history of what you viewed.  And if someone came in the room, you would have to sign off quickly.  Musically, Glee defined it as liking Wham or being a Fan-ilow.  My sister was a Maniloonie as a teen.  They also sang some ABBA which was my brother's guilty pleasure.  Coincidence, I think so.

However, it does not have to be about music.  It could be those baby pigs dressed in American Girl dresses.  Or American Girl dolls dressed as Teacup piglets. 

This your chance to get a secret off your chest in a forum that is perhaps the last bastion of confidentiality-The Internet.

Finally, if I do not get the chance to blog before Sunday, have a Happy Easter.

And if any of you are March Madness fans, my first round score was 22/32 and second round, 11/16.  I have lost 3 elite eight teams already, but none of my final four.  My champ is Michigan.  Just another validation that I should never take up gambling for a living.

Speaking of which, Beth, her mom, and her brother are going to the new casino on Thursday.  If any of you see her there, please remind her that we have bills to pay and she should know when to stop before she starts.  Thanks.

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  1. I recently spent a delightful 3 hour car ride in a car I borrowed from a family that happened to have Satellite radio. I switched between 80s and 90s hairband station to Bon Jovi station to very dirty hip hop and was singing my heart out and car dancing. Yes, I was alone in the car and no, unfortunately the windows were not tinted so I am sure the other drivers and passengers that were stuck in the very slow traffic enjoyed my interpretive dance moves.