Saturday, March 16, 2013

We don't have The Showtime channel, but I was trying to use a current reference.

March 16, 2013

We will see what happens any second, but I have started countless (two) posts in the past couple weeks only to have the computer do something weird.  This causes cursing, loss of patience, and blog terminus.  Not necessarily in that order.

Beth has worked diligently and even called in Tim McGee to break through some firewalls and get the viruses out of our computer.  It has even gotten to the point of Beth saying that buying a new computer may be the way to go.  What an inexpensive option.  The best moment of the computer intervention came when CJ, the 16 year-old, chastised Beth, the 39 year-old, for clicking on ads on other peoples' blogs.  "Not a good idea", he tried to calmly coach.   "Those people are not your friends."

So here's hoping peace has been restored in this world of bits and bytes.

Tim McGee, you ask?  Then you must be under the age of 38 as watching NCIS becomes a mandatory viewing requirement for those of us over 38.  It is akin to watching Matlock and Murder She Wrote when our parents turned 39.

So the only real news in my life right now is that I am switching stores.  An assistant violated a rather important policy in another store and was terminated.  Not good and I wish him the best.  For me though, it means going to this store to help out for a while.  "A while" meaning "this is permanent until you get your own store."  It works for me for a few reasons.

1.  The store needs help and I can make a difference there.
2.  The store is not open 24 hours and runs on fewer operating hours, so it will be good to see how that half lives.
3.  My drive time will be cut in half.  The money saved in gas alone is kind of like getting a raise.
4.  I have worked at this store several times and there are good employees and customers there.

Therefore, I am looking forward to the move.  I have lost a little sleep trying to figure out how to empty this store's stockroom (it is too full) without stepping on the store manager's toes, but I think it will turn out okay. As long as she does not wear toe-less shoes to work.

As for my family's life, CJ recently had a Jazz Ensemble concert that was really good.  If you are not music savvy, the jazz genre is not just about playing music that style, it is about learning how to improvise.  I can certainly not explain it to you, but I can tell you it is a tremendous learning experience for the young musicians.  It was thoroughly entertaining.

CJ's GF suffered a concussion in gym class on Thursday.  Not sure how that happened, but she is currently dealing with the symptoms.  It also means there are some things she cannot do this weekend:  read, look at screens with movement on them, exercise, receive head slaps from Gibbs.  Or in other words, live the life of a teenager.  Unfortunately, GF has a project due in math class on Monday that would have involved some hours spent on a computer, using a calculator, and thinking.  Sorry, not allowed when you are concussed.

So who has jumped to the rescue?  Is it gallant CJ?  You betcha.  He is going to, selflessly, go to her house today to spend time with her as her aide. It's like he is Nurse Jackie.

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