Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another good thing, at age 50 McDonald's will sell me a senior coffee.

January 29, 2013

For those of you who do not know how it feels to turn 48, it is kinda rough.  No longer can anyone include me in the demographic group, "mid to late forties".  Now, I am just in my late forties.  This winter is kicking my late forties body.  I am tired and sore.  My brain is fatigued.  When you throw in overnight shifts, 6am shifts, and 6 day work weeks, you get tired.  Add in cold temps and I am ready to retire someplace warm.

However, I am using this morning to plan my attitude adjustment.  This begins by being thankful for a couple things:

1.  The pain from the pinch nerve in my shoulder has subsided to a discomfort.  Since it had escalated last week to a pain I would not wish on my enemies, discomfort should be appreciated.

2.  My brother-in-law Greg had his kidney removed yesterday.  He is doing fine.  He had cancer in the kidney and this was the solution.  Thus, I need to realize that my life's issues pale in comparison to his and thank God for helping Greg through the procedure and upcoming recovery.

3.  My sister, Kathy, commented on my blog.  It was like a celebrity drive by.  Sure she still called me an a-hole, but it was said with love.

4.  CJ and his girlfriend are doing well and really seem to enjoy each other's company.  For those of you looking for a relationship, shouldn't that be the number one priority?

5.  I missed out on a store manager opening.  Thankful?  Absolutely.  It was in Middletown, Ohio which would have been an even longer drive than I am making now.  God has different plans for me, so patience must be my virtue.

6.  I have not gotten the flu and neither have Beth or CJ.  I think we are on the back-end of the flu season, so here's hoping we have missed out.  I see a lot of sick, miserable people every day, so not being one of them is a good thing.

7.  We are at the end of January which takes us closer to the end of Winter.  Spring, and the promise it brings, is my favorite time of the year. 

Okay, I am starting to feel better about the rest of this week.  We have some good plans for the weekend and I am off work.  CJ has already asked his girlfriend to the dance on February 9th, so we don't have to bug him about that.  His grades are good and his DDR skills are wicked awesome.  He has been practicing which keeps him in shape and gives him something to do in the end of year talent show.  Remind me to get a video.

In order to accommodate those looking for a little humor, her is a story to wrap things up. 

Beth works with a woman who grew up as an only child and now has three kids of her own.  (No, grammar police, not baby goats, children)  This woman has been accused of trying too hard to raise her pups as three "only children" as opposed to a flock of kittens.  Not following?  Here is an example from last night.  The mother hen called Beth last night because she has heard the criticism and has embraced it as a possibility.  She knew what she was doing last night was an example and wanted to share the humor in it with Beth.  It was dinner time and she was feeding the goslings.  On the stove she had three pots going, each with a different kind of soup since each calf wanted something different for dinner.  For those of you with multiple ponies, is that what you do?  Probably not.  Just imagine if this mom had more than three chicks to feed.  Good Lord!  She'd have to buy more pots.  Or just some pot. 

Have a great week everyone.  I know I am going to.

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