Thursday, August 2, 2012

It took more than a pea to bruise the princess

August 2, 2012

The much anticipated return visit from my sister and her family from Atlanta abruptly ended today.  It all started well enough as they arrived Monday night after a long drive, but still liked each other.  Beth had prepared the sleeping arrangements superbly.  My sister and her husband were going to use CJ's bed and the 3 twin mattresses were adorned with sheets for each child-Mario for Ben, Brave for Mary, and Hello Kitty for Julia.  They were a hit and all slept well Monday night.

Tuesday, we went on an excursion.  We started at Sawyer point which includes a walk across the Purple People Bridge.  We then relocated to a newly built splash fountain area called Smale park.  We picnicked and there was much rejoicing.  We split up Tuesday night.  The boys went to the Reds game and the girls went to the mall.  I am pretty sure the girls had fun and my two nieces came home with new Brave slippers and a Hello Kitty doll from Build a Bear. 

CJ, Ben, Ben's dad and myself got to the game early enough to try out some of the family friendly activities.  Ben got to hit at the wiffle ball field and then we all took the slide down to the batting cages and took a turn.  45 mph was plenty fast enough for us older kids.

Tuesday night came and went and we moved on to Wednesday.  After a carefree morning, we went to the park at the middle school.  Big large fun was being had with turns at hitting the wiffle ball and a romp around the playground.  The last activity of the morning included a ride across one of the apparatus.  Unfortunately, Julia fell off said apparatus and hurt her leg. 

This happened around noon and we went home.  We struggled to decide if the crying and drama about her leg was actual injury or princess drama.  How we were hoping for princess drama.  Finally, at 3:00 we decided it was better to visit an emergency room at 3pm than it would be at 11pm. 

Thank God we did not wait until 11pm since it turns out poor little Julia has a broken leg.  Seriously, the girl who insists on jumping from the 5th stair or off the back of the chair or chases snakes for fun, has broken her leg by falling off a piece of playground equipment.  Damn!

So she has a partial cast because they can't set and cast it here and expect her to see her local orthopedic in Atlanta later.  Thus, they are on their way back to Atlanta.  Please say a prayer for her and her family that she can survive the trip and each other.  Me=not jealous.

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