Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This body will have to do.

August 28, 2012

Three more days.  Then The Target and I will be exes.  How awkward will it be when we see each other on the street?  When I shop, should I continue to visit my ex Target, or should I start seeing her sister-other Target near our house.  What if things with the ex go so much better after I'm gone?  What if she gets a better boyfriend and corrects her imperfections and tries things with him she wouldn't try with me?

Actually, my replacement is a female, so I guess my ex is changing teams.

Personally, I went on a bike ride today to improve myself so I look better with my new girlfriend-CVS.  I rode to a park about 2 miles from here, used the pull up and push up stations at the park, and then rode home.  As I rode up the hill back to our street, I was thinking that perhaps this old body would have to be good enough for my new girl.  I mean, I took this one with me to the interview.  I am pretty sure she wasn't intoxicated when she decided she liked me and asked me out again.  The lighting in the room was pretty good.  I don't think she was just coming off a tough break up.

Perhaps CJ is right about me when he says my brain is not wired correctly.

In other news, the end of a decade party is after work on Friday at a place called Willie's near our house.  If you want to join us for happy hour, it lasts from 5-7.  I can't stay long as CJ and the marching band will be playing at the home football game for our high school at 7:30. 



  1. Wow Steve, I am excited for you! Your new position seems like it will be a piece of cake for you after the Target abuse. I don't know why companies always want to keep someone after they have made them think about leaving. It does always seem to work that way though.

    Anyway, best of luck in your new place, hope you like it!

  2. All the best to you in your new job. May your new girlfriend, CVS, appreciate you and your talents and not take you for granted like your soon-to-be ex.

  3. Today marks the end of a decade. May the next one be everything you want it to be.