Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Apparently a hunger strike is out of the question for me.

August 7, 2012

Right now I am fasting.  I know you think I am protesting against the man or some worldly injustice, but actually I have a physical today.  In order to qualify for discounts on my insurance plan, a yearly physical is in order.  Plus, at 47 it is a good idea to see the doctor regularly anyway.

My appointment is at 10:30, so no coffee or food until we are done.  Even the hamster food is looking tasty right now.  In order to prep for this yesterday, I went on a juice fast with Beth.  She has watched videos about this and read a lot as well, and has actually been on a 3 day juice fast before, so I figured what the heck.  She has a nice juicer, has perfected some delicious concoctions, and could also mix in a juice smoothie.  I was ready.

We had enough ingredients in the house for a morning juice drink consisting of kale, Fuji apples, a bit of lemon, and carrots.  Quite tasty.  Oh, by the way, I had some juice made from the coffee bean early in the am as well.  On a juice fast, it is important to caffeinate.  I read that somewhere.

A midday smoothie consisted of frozen bananas, mango, pineapple, almond milk, and Chia seed.  Thank goodness we got one of those Sponge Bob Chia pets last Christmas to cut down on our Chia seed purchases.  This smoothie really hit the spot after we cut the grass together.

In order to have the ingredients to juice in the evening, we had to go on a grocery excursion.  Beth has been wanting to visit a store on the outskirts of Cincinnati called Jungle Jim's.  This place carries foods from all over the world and boasts a variety of fruits and veggies at low prices.  It is a 30 minute drive or so, but off we went.  The trip brought us some good news and some bad news.  The bad news was that they do not carry a good selection of kale (the main super food ingredient when you are juicing), and the melon selection was not that much better then around here.

The good news was that I no longer have to drive to Jungle Jim's.  Beth's juicing needs can be satisfied near us in the form of Kroger's or Trader Joe's. 

So as the day progressed, here is what I can tell you about an all juice diet.  There was one thing I found myself missing by the end of the day-FOOD!  Not sweets or junk food, just something to chew on with sustenance.  I am weak.

In reality, I think I could do it if I had to-like my jaws were wired shut-but it would be a difficult cleanse.  I really did start to feel changes in my person.  I will never know how far I could go with fasting or how much my body could benefit with a cleanse, but I can understand the potential merits.

I did not see it through last night since I was staring at no food past midnight for approximately 11 hours.  Therefore, I ate some blue chips and a veggie pattie last night.  Crazy, I know.  It was one of those Morning Star patties with some Veganiase, mustard, and pickles.  My beef eating father must roll his eyes in his grave.

Actually, my father's teeth were so bad at the end of his life, that most of his meals consisted of cigarettes, Dunkin Stix, and bananas.  I bet if Beth had juiced them for him he would have been thrilled.

Hmm, Dunkin Stix.

I gotta go tear some cabinets apart.

No, I can be strong.  Just 3 more hours.

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