Tuesday, July 24, 2012

But not slippers, that would be ridiculous

July 24, 2012

Last night several of us from The Target went out to PF Chang's to celebrate the last few days of one of our coworkers.  She does not have an expiration date on her birth certificate so we were not celebrating her last few days on earth, but she is departing our store on Friday.  She is headed back to California since her fiancee just got a job back there.  She has only been with us 8 months, so we have not gotten too attached.  I guess maybe I should limit that assessment to myself as I did not socialize with her as much as some of my coworkers did.  Nonetheless, she will be missed and I wish her the best.

There were several good stories bantered about at our end of the table.  There were 12 people there at a rectangular table so you do end up separating yourselves into "ends" and carry on conversations with those who can hear you.  My boss ended up at the other end and the interns had to sit near him.  That is the way it should work as the interns need to pay their dues by sitting near the boss at social functions.

So at my end, aka the end with the cool kids, I learned about the lives of the couple across from me with 3 children including vomit and cute little girl stories, and I learned about the dating life of a single young lady in Cincinnati. 

I will share one of her stories with you.  After closing at the store one night last week, she decided to go see the midnight showing of Batman.  Personally, midnight is well past my bedtime, but when you are in your early 20s, not the case.  She went home and changed into her lounge pants and a tee shirt and headed off.  The movie theater she chose ended up to be near a lot of restaurants and bars where being out at 12am is not uncommon.  Therefore, she was noticing the crowds and the way people were dressed.  The female bar crowd had on their short skirts and heels, or skank-wear as she called it.  However, as she walked towards the theater, she still heard guys call out that always affective pick up line, "Hey baby!"

She looked at these guys and was all like, seriously, I am wearing sweat pants.  Why not hit on the skanks over there.

We analyzed this for her even though I am not sure she was looking for that kind of feedback from us.  It was determined, beyond the fact that apparently she is attractive enough in sweat pants and a pony tail to draw attention, but more importantly, women in skimpier clothing tend to give of the "taken" vibe where as sheila schlepping on in wearing pjs and no make up is most likely available.  Better odds for dude and his clever pick up lines.

I don't know how many of you are single that read this, but I thought I would pass on this dating tip.  If you are going out to bars all dolled up looking for Mr Right and not having any luck, then next time you may want to try this.  Pony tail, no make up, your favorite bubby pants.  Perhaps even glasses if you own them.  Let me know how that works out for you.

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