Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is getting older awesome? That depends...

June 12, 2012

The Target continues to be a great source of constant entertainment.   However, to make sure I still have this form of entertainment, I need to keep it as a source of income.  Therefore, on my day off today, I have an interview at the district office for a promotion.  In reality, it is a mock interview for a real interview for a mock promotion that pays like a real promotion.

Confused yet?

My real interview is a video interview with the group director on June 19th.  In order to prepare for that, they put us through mock interviews, which happens today.  I am typically pretty good at mocking people so I do not think today will go all that bad.

As for the mock promotion, Target has different pay grade levels and I am interviewing for a pay grade level increase.  I would still be doing the same job, but for more money.  It is supposed to be a reward for doing a good job at your present level even though you have declared that you are not interested in getting a real promotion to a Store Manager type position.  I know it sounds complicated, but it all makes sense somehow.  We will see what happens.

Either way it works out for me so I can continue to help guests at The Target such as one adorable lady I helped last week.  She had done a fair amount of shopping already.  See full shopping cart as Exhibit A.  However, she came to me with her hands all flappy as her cart had come up missing.  This happens on occasion as a cart attendant or team member will become overzealous about policing an "abandoned" cart.  Or sometimes another shopper will mistakenly take the wrong cart and move on without realizing it was not theirs. 

Fortunately, this guest had her purse on her shoulder, so it was just merchandise that was missing.  Rather than having to reshop for all the things she had already selected, I tried to help her find her cart.  I did find it in another part of the store and returned it to her.  She was grateful and gave me a little smooch.  What would Beth think, you may be wondering, about the smooch?

Well, since it was Beth who had lost her cart, I think she will just continue to be grateful. 

Getting older happens to all of us.  Beth and I were remembering last night how CJ had once worn diapers (Huggies I think), that had the baby Muppets on them.  That seems like a long time ago.  Pretty soon, Beth and I will be getting sized for Depends.  That may not be all bad though if they start making Depends with Muppets on them.  Who were the two old guys in the balcony?  Statler and Waldorf.  Depends with Statler and Waldorf on them. 

Good idea, yes or no?


  1. I too, wondered what had happened to your blog. Since the last one was about 420, I figured you found the meaning of 420 and were off inhaling somewhere where you forgot you had the responsibility of a blog.

    I too, have wretched knees and sympathize with your plight. They seem to hurt more at night, maybe because nothing else is going on and they can be heard.

    Mentoring - good on ya!

    Glad you are back.

  2. Ugh. My cart disappeared from the fitting room area at Target yesterday after the attendant told me it would be fine there. Where were you when I needed you? I would have smooched you, too! I had a really cute skirt in that cart!