Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gregory House was not a real person? Wha?

May 29, 2012

Beth and I have been faithful viewers of the show House for several seasons.  I think we have seen almost all the episodes either during their actual season or in syndication.  We really loved the beginning seasons and tried to tolerate the last couple.  It was easier in the beginning to get past the fact that he was an ass because the writing was so good, the diseases so puzzling, and the characters so lovable. 

Lately, every time they tried to make us understand House or his ways, he ultimately made a decision based on what was good for him and only him. 

I am sure there are many women and caregivers out there who love House, but that is purely because you think you can save him.  Or change him.  Ask Wilson and Cuddy if you think that is going to happen.

As for puzzling diseases, I am sure they could have puzzled us for several more years, but it has really become tiring for me to watch them be so wrong for 50 minutes and diagnose Sarcoidosis and Lupus, and some STD only to finally get to the actual problem.  He inhaled a stick. 

So last night we watched the finale, finally.  We missed it the actual night of and forgot to DVR it.  Beth had to sign us up for a free trial of HuluPlus to watch it. 

So there we were, watching the dark puzzling end of House.  We had fallen for many of the spoiler alerts previously, so the suspense was gone.  We knew House was not going to die or go to prison, but that was it.  And the characters that they had come back for cameos were interesting, but without Cuddy, ultimately unfulfilling.

It was time for the show to move on.  I am glad we don't have to watch Wilson die.  And I am worried about the diagnostic center at Princeton Plainsboro.  Will Chase be able to become House?  How many times did House come up with the answer to the puzzle by staring off into space and seeing some clue while his team cleaned up the latest spewed blood from the patient.  I am not sure Chase can make that happen.

Perhaps I have not fully separated the show from reality just yet.

What were your favorite House moments?  Mine were when he worked at the clinic and spent the 5 minutes with a patient.  Something funny or interesting typically happened in there that got wrapped into a tidy package much more quickly that the patient upstairs.  And, it rarely turned out to be something ending with -dosis.

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