Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Brother was Alway a Big Fan of Dee Snider

June 24, 2012

My brother is in the hospital.  I spoke with his wife yesterday and she said that he will be released today or tomorrow.  He lives down in Louisville, KY, so if you are near Baptist East hospital can you stop in and say hi for me?  People in hospitals love drop-in visitors dontcha know. 

He was having trouble keeping food items down and had some lower stomach pains.  It took the doctors a couple of days to figure out that his intestine was twisted.  I am not sure if it was his small or large intestine, but does it matter?  I asked my S-I-L how an intestine becomes twisted.  Was he doing yoga?  A lot of barrel rolls?  Misunderstood the phrase "getting your knickers twisted"?  Listened to too much Chubby Checker?  They do not know how this happens.  Sounds painful though.

So he had surgery to untwist and it went well.  Thank you God for taking care of my brother.

In other news, obviously CJ is pretty concerned, aka losing sleep, worrying about his Uncle Mike.  I am hoping to insert a photo here, but I have to wait until Beth leaves the room, and then I have to find the cord thingy.  If there is no photo, use your G-rated imagination to see that CJ is in blanket/pillow heaven sawing some logs.  He had some friends sleep over Friday night, so he is catching up on some zzzzs.  Still kinda cute for a teenager, I think.  When he wakes up I need him to sign a waiver.

Having a large teenage was very helpful yesterday.  I was doing my effing physical therapy bike ride when I saw some neighbors trying to move a couch through their front door.  They are older and were struggling.  I stopped to ask if they needed help.  They did not decline and I assessed the situation.  It was a rather large 3-cushion couch with flowers on it.  No, the flowers are not important nor do they add weight, I am just painting you a picture with my words.  Just like Hemingway.  The husband, Joe, was having some issues lifting his end.  I ran home to collect my boy and the both of us managed to maneuver the couch through the rabbit hole into the living room.  To be honest, I did not think it was going to happen.  However, since Joe and his wife, Audrey, had moved the couch from the back porch to the precipice of the front door, we had to give it a shot.  Audrey had just repainted the two front rooms with her son's help and this floral couch was going to be the finishing touch. 

The reason this is blog-worthy is that Joe is 95 YEARS OLD.  Good grief.  In 48 years, I will be as old as dude who just moved a 3-cushion couch from his back porch to his front porch.  I do not know how old Audrey is, but let's say Joe robbed the cradle and married someone 20 years younger.  That means Audrey was repainting the two front rooms at 75 years old.  Yes, with her son's help, but considering their ages, their son is probably in his 60's.  Man I need to take care of these knees. 

For the record, I asked CJ to sign a waiver and he did.  I caught him right when he woke up.  His attorney has still not allow me to post the photo.  Something about losing the trust of the boy who was willing to sign a blank waiver.  So I will publish this post without the photo, but check back later and see if the photo gets added.

Darn lawyers.

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