Friday, January 27, 2012

Were the7 Dwarfs related?

January 27, 2012

Did you ever try to take a nap and your brain got in the way? 

I worked late last night and got up with Beth and CJ before they left for school today.  That equates to about 6 hours of sleep.  Actually, that isn't bad, but I have to work late again tonight.  Two midnight closes in a row is hard on this old man.  So I tried to take a nap this morning.

I turned on our electric blanket that we use as a mattress warmer, and I did not drink coffee.  And I laid there.  My body was comfortable with the situation, but my brain was AWAKE.  Oddly enough, dwarfs were running around in my cranium.  Even though they are height challenged, they were not literally running around inside my head.  I was simply thinking about dwarfs.

Why?  Two reasons.  First, I watch the drama Once Upon a Time and the 7 dwarfs were introduced last week.  Second, the crossword I am working on now is called Snow White's Employment Agency.  It asks questions like, What is a bad occupation for Sneezy?  Answer, Floral Arranger.  Clever, right?

But let's look more closely at the dwarfs in the drama I watched.  The first thing you will notice, is that these dudes are not all that short.  They are about the same height as Snow White.  Most of them would still need help dunking a basketball, but they sure aren't joining the wrestling circuit anytime soon.

As an aside, I worked for a boss once who was very afraid of midgets-or little people.  It is difficult to be politically correct sometimes when the people in question still call themselves midgets if they are on the midget wrestling circuit.  Probably not the most accurate source of political correctness, but still.  So this boss of mine went to King's Island for Fear Fest and did okay with zombies trying to eat his brain and IRS agents looking at his tax return, but then they had little people wrestling, and he lost it.  Like clowns for some people, I guess.

Anyway, Snow White's friends helped rescue her and Grumpy from a jail cell last week.  The dwarf leading the rescue team was little known, and apparently long forgotten, Stealthy.  Yes, Stealthy.  He gets killed during the rescue attempt, thus leaving us with only 7 dwarfs-Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, and Happy.  So Stealthy?  Not Sneaky?  Really?  Apparently, a bad occupation for Stealthy is sneaking through the King's castle.

So here is your challenge, should you choose to accept it.  Rename the dwarfs.  It needs to be similar to the Stealthy versus Sneaky debate.  For instance, shouldn't Grumpy actually be called Cantankerous?  His nickname would be Tank?

If your brain is currently snoozing, like I wish mine was, wake it up and give it a challenge. 

Next week, the reindeer.


  1. Maybe we'll see him on Intervention.

    Bashful = Introverty