Friday, January 20, 2012

Did somebody step on a duck?

January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday dad!  My father has been dead for several years, but January 20th was his birthday.  He was born in 1922, so today he would have been 90.  I am fairly certain no one would have called him "90 years young" like Willard Scott used to do on the morning news show.  He never looked young, but he was a good dad.

In other, not so birthday depressing news, January 18th was my sister's birthday.  She does not want me to tell you she turned 43, so I won't.  She bought herself her first box of hair color for her birthday, so I decided not to try to top that with a gift.

As for news about me, I was considering starting a Twitter account.  I solicited a very small sample size to see if it was a good idea.  I sent this text to Beth and CJ, "Im poopin.  Do you think I should start on of them Tweeter Accounts?"  So far, I have two votes "NO" and am forbidden from taking my phone into the bathroom anymore.  By the way, don't tell my sister that the bathroom is where I sent her birthday text from.

Another time I thought I was hi-larious yesterday, was during a Target visit.  We have visits in January called Bounceback.  Groups of visitors go to each Target to see how they bounced back from the holidays.  My Target was visited on Wednesday, and I was one of the visitors on Thursday.  We went to 4 stores, and I toured the salesfloor at each and told them what looked great and gave them some things to focus on for the first part of the year.  At one of the stores, I toured with two ladies named Crystal and Jewel.  At the group recap at the end of the visit, I thanked Crystal and Jewel for leading me on the tour and asked if Diamond and Pearl were too busy to have joined us.  Apparently, I should keep my day job and not go to any open mic nights this weekend.

After rereading, I should also not try to be an English teacher since saying the group recap was at the end of the visit may be a bit redundant.

One cool thing yesterday was that we traveled as a group to the four stores in two vans, and the van I rode in had a DVD player for us kids sitting in the back.  The movie playing was Caddyshack.  The timing worked out perfectly as the movie began right when we left the district office and the credits were rolling when we pulled back into the DO parking lot.  Caddyshack is a classic, and I have been talking about watching it with CJ now that he has turned 15 so he would no why we use some of the expressions we do.

Cinderella story, I don't think the hard stuff will be coming down for a while now, why would you kill all the golfers, etc.  For some of you this brings back some memories.  As I watched the movie, I still found it amusing and was pleased that the language was not as bad as I remembered.  It was rather scandalous back in the day, but pretty tame by today's standards.  Then came the scene with the main character caddy and the Judge's daughter.  Topless female nudity.  The question was raised in the van about whether I still wanted to have CJ watch this movie. 

Two schools of thought were considered.  One, I could skip this scene as none of the classic lines we remembered came from this scene.  I could not tell you much about the the dialogue for some reason.  Second, perhaps CJ should see some boobies.  I am guessing he has not seen any yet, so why have his first time be accidentally seeing them on Grandma or a 43 year old Aunt in the shower. 

Fortunately, none of us had eaten lunch yet.  Scenario number two was dismissed and we decided the fast forward option should be utilized.  Considering the group of guys I was in the van with, this was actually a fairly mature decision we came to.

I also scored a free lunch at Applebees yesterday.  Woot!  Kudos to Applebees and their 14 minute express lunch guarantee.  9 of us got our lunch right at 14 minutes.  Impressed we were.

I am off today, so if you need anything, give me a call.  Otherwise, it should be a good day since, I'm all right, don't nobody worry about me.

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  1. I would vote on letting him see the movie uncensored. Seeing a couple of breasticles is no big deal. Watching the carnage of the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan is one I would wait on till he's about 40.