Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shouldn't you be working on something?

September 4, 2010

Happy Labor Day weekend.

I just made fun of Beth for misspelling something on June's blog (ptichfork, which people used a long time ago to kill pterodactyls), so the spell checker function on this blog is going to get a workout today.  Karma can be a real bugger.  I will try to correct them all, but I have already misspelled September and "misspelled".    Karma think she so funny.

Beth is not feeling well today.  The mold count around here as spiked and it is kicking her butt.  By "around here", I do not mean that we have allowed the leftovers in the fridge to get so out-of-control that mold is taking over our house.  It is this Ohio Valley weather that drives the nasal area insane. 

Beth works as an aide at the local high school, and as the day went on yesterday, she became a runny nose mess.  You may think that is funny, but it is snot.  All her coworkers noticed that she was not feeling well, but none of them mentioned going home.  So she stuck it out.  One of the kids she helps asked if she was sick since her nose was running so much, and Beth explained that she was not sick, but her brain was melting and coming out her nose.  I did not know that Beth was allowed to listen to Marilyn Manson music on her Ipod while at work.  So we are taking it easy today as Beth slowly turns from a solid into a liquid.

Speaking of Ipods, did you know the new Ipod Touch is 64g?  How many songs does a person need to download?  64g can hold around 14,000 songs.  It would be less if you downloaded movies and such, but that is still a whole bunch.  I could probably come up with a couple hundred songs I like, but never 14,000.

Beth decided she needed to drag herself out of the house today, so we went on a trip to the Cincinnati Museum Center.  Sounds rather like we are quite into smarts to take our child on an educational trip on the weekend, doesn't it?  As it turns out, I had some gift certificates for the Museum Center that we wanted to spend.  The Children's Museum is somewhere we have taken CJ several times, but not so much since he turned 10.  The exhibits are not really for older kids.  However, we read the fine print on the gift certificates and found out they can be used for the food area and gift shops.  Who doesn't love free useless crap-in food form or trinket form.  Therefore, we went down there and had Starbucks, chicken tenders, and barbecue.  Oh, and ice cream.  We also loved the fact that they gave you your change from the gift certificate in cash dollars.  CJ was extremely influenced by this and wanted to take the $10 gift certificate to the window and see what was the cheapest thing on the menu.  "I would like a pack of ketchup.  No, I insist on paying you 10 cents for it."  We have trained him well.

Today begins a 4 day weekend for me.  It is much needed.  I know the holiday is called Labor Day, but I do not want to be working on Monday.  I really can't remember the last time I was off on Labor Day.  Perhaps I will run the vacuum around here to make up for not actually being at work.  Besides, I do need to reduce the mold count so Beth will feel better.  She is currently napping, so if you could all be a little more quiet, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.


  1. 14 THOUSAND songs? Sheesh! I have the original iPod Shuffle, the one that looks like a pack of Wrigley's gum and it holds a whopping "about" 120 songs and that's just fine by me.

    Here's hoping Beth isn't a snotty turdy head much longer. Summer colds are the worst!

  2. Has Beth solidified yet?

    Have you heard anything else from the doc?