Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane..grab me the fly swatter.

September 14, 2010

I will start with a health update.  Apparently, there is a bug coming over here from India that we cannot combat.  Sounds like something from a movie, but it was right there in my free Tuesday paper. 

First about the paper.  I think Beth is wondering if I am having relations with our paper delivery person since every once in a while we receive a paper on Tuesday mornings.  I am off every Tuesday, so it is nice to have a paper.  We only subscribe to the Sunday edition, and we do receive papers on the holidays as our local Cincinnati Enquirer loves us, but we are not supposed to get a Tuesday paper.  Or any other day paper.  Yet, there I was this morning reading about the Red's win last night in black and white instead of the multi-colored Internet version.  Why is this better?  Well, I prefer to not take the computer with me into the....ya know...terlit.  I can never figure out where to put the mouse.

I will use this forum to categorically deny any improper relationship with the paper carrier.  Beth, I have not had relations with that man.  And, eeeeeeew.

Second, the India bug.  It is a bug that wears a little costume with a "B" emblazoned on the front, because they are calling it a superbug.  Able to leap over any antibiotic with a single bound.  Able to travel the globe through the air.  It is a bacteria, so even though the the persons affected with it here in North America recently received medical treatment in India, it can be transmitted from person to person through contact.  So go wash your hands right now.

You back?  Hand check.  Okay.

Maybe I should not be glad about this free paper thing.  TMI.

So I assume you really wanted to know about my health.  My sibs are obviously concerned since they have diligently read my blog to ensure I am well.  Thank you for your concern.

I went to the neurologist last week and he gave me a series of tests and declared me a complete hypochondriac.  Medically speaking.  He could find nothing wrong.  Nothing in my brain anyway.  So I am good.  Even that Nystagma thing he could not find with my eye-twitchy self.  Awesome.  I am relieved since the other symptoms I had can be traced to stress.  The eye-spasmy thing was not stress related.  So all I have to do is get rid of my stress and I can go back to sleeping without ear issues.

Actually, I have been sleeping much better.  My ear pressure has decreased, but not because I have less stress-believe you me!  Work is a stress sandwich.  "Would you like extra trainees with your sandwich?  How about some back to school transition into Halloween with sprinklings of big wig's visits on top?  Maybe some inventory next month to take home in a doggy bag?"  Yum!

However, I have been able to sleep better and I think it relates to a couple things.  Less caffeine is one.  Less Call of Duty is another.  More Beth and CJ is the third.  All of these things make me grind my teeth less which in turn makes the ear pressure I was feeling lessen.  It's a theory anyway, and I am going to keep trying it.  Plus, it is probably better if my teeth do not become little nubs in my mouth.

So I am going to enjoy my day off and work on my stress-relieving crossword puzzle.  If I need a 7 letter word for "cause of hysteria", I now know to plug in "superbug".  I can make it fit.

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  1. Thanks for the update! Maybe less Call of Duty was the problem to begin with.

    But don't you hate spending money at the doc's just to find out you're fine?