Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What makes you feel pretty?

August 31, 2010

I am waiting for test results today.  Apparently, doctors do not have to be at work until noon.  Then comes lunch maybe, and then some work before tee time.  Well, I guess they do work harder than that, but when you are waiting for test results that could possibly change your life, you really want them to get up a little earlier in the day.

So I just worked the weekend, which wasn't bad, but I was just trying to get through it to get to test result day.  When I am trying to make myself feel better at work, I wear gym shoes sometimes.  I did so this past weekend.  My gym shoes are too cool since Beth found them for me on line (maybe from JC Penny?)  and they are Adidas skater shoes.  I am not a skater boy, see you later boy, but I really like the padded tongue.  Insert your own gutter joke here.  Besides, they look really cool.

People noticed them and were way jealous of me.  What they did not know, is that these shoes are not as comfortable as my Rockport casual shoes (not complete with Velcro), but I wore them both days anyway.  When one of my team leads saw me wearing them, he commented about how comfortable they looked.  I explained that they really aren't so comfortable, but they make me feel good.  He said he knew what I meant because he has a pair of pink pumps he likes to wear around the house.  They squish his toes, but they make him feel pretty.  Classic.

So what makes you feel pretty?  Is it socks that look like your cat?  (Katie)  Is it the finest necklace in all the land?  (Beth)  Is it a fur stole made from monkey butt fur?  (Michael) -I am trying to figure out if my brother has started reading my blog.  If this does not bring him out of the closet, uh, woodwork, nothing will.  See, he plays for my team, not the pink pumps team and ...or forget it, he does not read this.

If what makes you feel pretty is sexy lingerie, and you are not a dude, pictures are mandatory.  I will send you my private email address, don't tell Beth. 

I am trying to get Beth to start commenting on my blog also.  She is very funny even though she does not think so.  She just has a tendency to drive herself crazy making her comment perfect.  As you can tell, that is not one of my criteria when creating my blog post.


  1. I agree, Beth should comment more. I like her. Also, have her send lingerie photos to my email address.

    Is it sad I'm drawing a blank as to what makes me feel pretty? There's a black shirt I really like to wear. But I wear 1/2 and full length sleeves to work because I have tattoos, so it leaves out all the shirts I actually feel cute in. And I hate buying clothes for work. Actually, I hate buying clothes period. So much so that my work shirts start to make me look like a homeless person.

    A couple months ago I was at work and I noticed my boss look at my elbow. I didn't then look at my elbow to see what she was looking at, I just noted that she looked at it. That afternoon I took Jesse to a doctor appt and in the car he said "You have a hole on your elbow" and I looked at my arm and was like, CRAP. That's what my boss was looking at. And he said "Oh, I was talking about your other arm." BOTH elbows had big holes in them! This type of thing won't be a problem when I own my own yarn shop and can dress crummy as much as I want.

    I kind of didn't answer your question, did I. yes cats make me feel pretty. Have you seen our Christmas photo from last year?

  2. Beth does not own any lingerie.

    funny, funny, yet sad story. :)

  3. Nude photos will do.

    And STEVE, it sounds like YOU need to buy HER some lingerie! Well, really, you're buying it for yourself, but I understand you won't be the one wearing it.

  4. Unless you're into that. And that's none of my business.

  5. Any nekkid photos of me would be the result of my learning how to use photoshop.

    I DESPISE clothes shopping. Whenever I spill something on myself, Steve will comment, well, there goes 25 percent of your wardrobe.

  6. See Beth? You're hilarious.

    And why does clothes shopping have to suck so hard?