Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stop! Or I'll spray you with chocolate!

August 8, 2010

Beth and I know that someday CJ is going to do something wrong.  He is going to get in trouble for being immature or stupid or both.  We thought last night might have been the time. 

This week, CJ has attended Tech Camp.  He has been on the lighting crew for a play put on by middle schoolers.  He has had a good time and learned some things as well.  We saw one of the performances and it was very well done.  Last night was the final performance.  Beth and I had already attended Thursday night, so we dropped CJ off and went on to service.  Part way through the service, Beth checked her phone, grabbed my leg, and motioned me to follow her out.  As we were leaving, she said that CJ had sent a text to pick him up and he would explain on the way home.  While there were an infinite amount of possibilities, we were sure he was either hurt or in trouble.  Beth texted him back and asked if he was okay.  He said sorta.  It took 15 minutes of angstful driving to arrive and find him sitting outside the auditorium.  He looked way guilty.  As he got in the car, we asked what was wrong, and it turned out that he was ill.

THANK GOD YOU ARE JUST SICK!  Great parenting at work right there.  He then explained why he was sick.  No, it was not the 4 pieces of pizza he ate before we left.  Please do not call social services on me.  It turns outs that CJ was in the balcony where the lights were, when he heard a friend mention the word chocolate.  Remember when you were 13 and ate 4 pieces of pizza and still had room for chocolate?  Always room for chocolate?  Okay, so he started jogging down the ramp towards the backstage area, and the chocolate.  He rounded a dark corner and heard his friend say stop.  He tried to stop, but had been jogging downhill with a belly full of pizza.  He did not stop.  Therefore, friend sprayed him with chocolate flavored Axe, right in the mouth.  Not as tasty as you would think.  CJ started to have trouble breathing and then got nauseated.  That is when he texted Beth.

So he came home, took a shower, swallowed some Pepto, and laid on the couch a few minutes.  He realized that he was starting to feel better, so he asked if he could go back and finish his work with the lighting for the play.  I drove him back, and took the opportunity to ask if any of the girls in the play had become suddenly attracted to him after he had been sprayed.  He rolled his eyes since he is not at the stage where he particularly cares if the girls are attracted to him, but it turns out that they were not.  Just a tip in case any of you were hoping to attract multitudes of women by spraying yourself down with Chocolate Axe.  You may be better off just rubbing yourself with a Snickers bar. 

Now, without further ado, here are the pictures of the kitchen with completed counter tops and back splash.  The counter top is Formica, the sink is a Sea Salt colored Kohler, and the back splash is subway tile. 

There will need to be some color above the cabinets on the wall and on the other walls.  Right now we are leaning towards a color called Lime Wash.

The face plates are getting spray painted white before they are rehung.

It turned out fantastic.  We are thrilled and excited.  Over time, you will see some new accessories and paint and stuff, but right now the big stuff is done and the bank is broken.  I may have to fight for space on the corner next to homeless guy.  All my money is gone, please throw me a nickel.  Or 200 nickels.  How much money is that?  Enough to live on? 

Finally, since this post is not nearly long enough, I want to appease my one true faithful reader, 12days, and put in a picture of Beth.  I found out that she had one taken yesterday when her long time friend, Rena, came by for a visit.   Here they are:

Since you know I prefer brunettes, obviously she is on the right.  Rena is very cute, but Beth is even cuter.  There are a whole bunch of extra pixels because the two of them were going to go in the witness relocation program, but changed their mind.  Or this was an older camera and the photo did not translate very well.  Definitely one of those two reasons.  You pick.

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  1. Three things:

    A) FINALLY! What's a girl gotta do to get a picture of a man's wife? Apparently beg and beg. I'm going with the relocation program theory.

    2) I'm glad to hear that CJ does stupid stuff like I did. However, I'm sure with my charisma I would have had to beat off the ladies with a stick if I took some Axe. It's just too much for some people to handle.

    D) Wait, Beth isn't black? You know, you get this whole image in your head about someone, and then it's shattered.

    E) I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE the subway tile you guys have. I'm looking at my duplex's kitchen right now, and it's just not cutting it. But we are renting and cheap (hence the rent) and that won't be changing for us for some time.

    4) We have something in common. I was very pleased to see that it was 0:00 on your microwave.