Sunday, September 4, 2011

So that is what little girls are made of

September 4, 2011

I picked up CJ from his sleep over yesterday around 11:30am.  As we were going to McDonald's for a healthy carry out lunch, I quizzed him about the night and it went well.  They watched a couple movies including Paranormal Activities (which made everyone jump at the end), and ate lots of cookies.  Good thing I was taking him to Mcd for a bit of nutrition in his life.

As we were talking, I also warned him that at some point he was going to be asked to try on some clothes, and if he did so willingly, he could avoid his self a mall shopping trip.  Me, providing awesome father-son advice since 1996.

Good thing with the warning as he was asked right after the Big Mac (which does have vegetables on it), and he obliged.

Therefore, he got to stay home while Beth and I went all over God's creation shopping.  The good news is that I now have pants, a shirt, and some shoes that I can wear to the wedding.  Whew.  All I have left to find is a blazer that will not cost me $200.  Apparently, prices have gone up since I last purchased a sports coat in the 1990's.  CJ has an outfit also.  We are so close.

We also fit in some grocery shopping and some Starbucks.  Not to mention the quality time Beth and I had fueled by a goal and some caffeine.

As we finally returned home from our trip, a conversation started amongst the three of us that included talk of Beth's death.  I have no idea where this came from, perhaps we were having a discussion about a  Disney movie.

 Look it up, almost every mom dies in a Disney movie.

This is where it gets funny....stay with me.  Fortunately, CJ assured Beth that he would rather she doesn't die anytime soon.  Beth took the opportunity to remind me that she wants to be cremated.  I assured her that I would make sure it happens, right in our back yard if necessary.  CJ thought the neighbors may wonder what is going on, especially when they see the flames and smell the coffee and chocolate.

There may soon be a family film about a boy who gets punched in the face.

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