Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hey, umbrellas are practical

September 27, 2011

Beth reminded me this morning that last Sunday the 25th was the 24th anniversary of our first date.  Lest you get the wrong idea, she did not have her hand on her hip and was not giving me either the evil eye or the head bob thing.  I am not even sure she can do the head bob thing.  Dating anniversaries are nice, but we no longer recognize them.  Especially when you have an out-of-town wedding to attend and one of us has to work on the actual anniversary day.  Beth did promise, though, that for our 25th dating anniversary-on the 25th-a celebration would ensue. 

Before I get too far along, just in case some of you are hopeless romantics and think I should done something special for our dating anniversary; let me remind you that I drove in laws and all to the wedding.  Nuff said.

So I am now looking forward to September 25, 2012.  I can only assume that this first date anniversary will be a reenactment of our very first date.  It should go something like this:

Sometime in August 2012, Beth will have to walk in my vicinity wearing an off-white skirt and her beautiful smile, thus catching my attention.  I will then have to ask someone who knows her, "Who dat?"

I will then need to go two to three weeks of working up the nerve to ask this enchanting creature out.  I will need to pick the perfect time and make sure I am wearing my Members Only jacket (to show how cool I am), and carrying my umbrella (to show what a loser I am).  I think Beth remembers the umbrella more than the jacket, but she also thought my name was Scott, so maybe she was distracted by the jacket.

She will say yes and give me directions to her home which WILL include the fact that there is a stop sign on the way to her house at the bottom of a hill for no apparent reason, but WILL NOT include the small detail that she has six over-sized brothers at her house and a father that wants her date to kiss his ass.

We will then proceed to Garcia's for a very nice dinner and Barleycorns for a beer afterwards.  This is more difficult than it sounds since both Garcia's and Barleycorns no longer exist.  We can sit in the parking lot of both and make our own seafood enchiladas and drink from a six pack.  I am fairly certain I can no longer fit into the black Levis or the pink-striped Levi shirt I wore back then.

Hey, I worked in Yong Men's at McAlpins and got discounts on Levi merchandise.

Actually, the hardest part to reenact will be the taking her home part.  Not that I got lost or ran the no reason stop sign, it is the dropping her off part.  I don't think I can ever again go out on a date with this gorgeous woman and leave without kissing her.

 Why did I not kiss her that first night?

Please see previous reference to six big brothers.  As it turns out, none of them would have cared that much, and most of them had moved out by then.  I am really just not the kiss on the first date kind of guy.  Little did I know that Beth was wanting some of this.  I found that out on our second date. 


  1. What a sweet story. Please tell me the Members Only jacket was gray.

    Six brothers. Really?

  2. yes, gray. and I was way cool. :)

    6 older brothers....