Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who's in the dawg house? Woof, woof, woof woof!

January 11, 2011  or 1/11/11

Since every one of my readers requested a picture of Beth's yoga pants, here they are:

She has a black pair and a grey pair.  Nice huh?

Speaking of wives and their hotness, I was reading an article in ESPN the magazine that was an interview between Kenny Mayne and Troy Tulowitzki.  Kenny has been on ESPN for a long time but has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars (briefly) and some commercials.  Troy is a baseball player for the Colorado Rockies who just signed a big contract.  Neither of these things is important.  The reason they are included in this blog is that Mayne asked Tulowitzki if he was proud that his wife was named by a magazine as one of the hottest wives in baseball.  His response was classic, even though he will not be getting any sex any time soon.

He responded, "If we were talking about swimsuit models, I might be proud.  But it's just a baseball website.  A lot of the wives out there aren't the greatest looking." 

Table for one at the Tulowitzki house that night.

Her name is Danyll Gammon if you want to have a look.  I used her maiden name as she may soon be going back to it.

In other, even colder news, we are having a blizzard today.  No, not the Dairy Queen kind that Beth prefers with crushed Oreos, but the snow kind.  And blizzards being relative, this one should bring us 2-4 inches of snow.  It has come to town much later than originally forecasted, so Beth and CJ are at school and not having a much-anticipated snow day.  For those of you who live up North, a snow day with 2-4 inches sounds ridiculous, I'm sure.  But here in the Midwest, it really complicates driving.  My sister lives in Atlanta, and they had 2-4 inches followed by some ice, and the city is pretty much shut down.  I lived in Buffalo, New York for a couple (long) years, and we could have 12-14 inches of snow and there would be no cancellations.  All is relative based on how prepared the city is for such things.

So, fortunately, we convinced CJ to do his homework last night since having a snow day today would be no fun if he were doing his homework.  I wonder how many of his classmates had to scramble this morning upon awakening to no snow.

Also good, is that the school where Beth works is only a couple blocks from our house.  She did take our 4-wheel-drive vehicle to work, but she does not much enjoy driving in the snow.  She always says it is not so much her, but the other people.  I agree, but I have seen her drive on dry pavement.  I seem to be taking marital advice from Troy Tulowitzki right now, don't I?  And couldn't the article have been with someone not named Tulowitzki?  Why not Smith or Jones?  Or Day?  Have they not met my mad typing skills?  It has taken me 4 hours to keep typing Tu....oh, you know it by now.  Ironic that spell correct just had to correct the word "typoig" for me.

The other big exciting thing that happened in the our lives, was last night we went to Applebees for dinner.  Of course, for dinner.  Their dance floor is way too small.  Someone gave me a gift card for Christmas.  We LOVE food gift cards.  We love going out to eat and paying very little or nothing.  One of our favorite things.  Plus, if you don't get alcohol or sodas, you get a lot of food and pay very little.  Score!  We had not been to Applebees in a long while since there isn't one real close to our house, but the meal all three of us had last night was quite tasty.  I would recommend going there, especially when my paid endorsement comes in. 

In the mail, I'm sure.


  1. ...Was that a direct quote?

    Really? Just...really? (thanks for the yoga pants shot - hott!)