Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hey Yoou! Get into my car!!

February 20, 2010

Beth's dad, Charlie, used to like February the most amongst the winter months. He said it was a sign that winter was nearing the end and it was so short, it would go by quickly. Well, February is flying by, and I do not mind. There is about 14" of snow on the ground outside, and that was after a day where it reached 44 degrees. We have had a couple of snow storms this month that have given us the highest snowfall total, 22", that Cincinnati has ever had in February. Since I do not care for winter and favor snow even less, it has not been a happy time for me. It can really affect a mood.

Today was nice though as Mayor McCheese and I went outside to get rid of whatever snow and ice we could from the driveway. I did not do a good job of shoveling as each snowstorm hit, so where we had driven on the snow, ice had formed. This is the hardest part to get rid of as you have to wedge it up and then shovel it into the yard. I was trying not to hurt myself since the ice can be heavy, and I kept warning Cheese to be careful as well.

Wait a minute, you might be saying. Colby Jack was outside with you away from the PS3? Why yes, these are Bugle Boys Jeans I'm wearing. I mean yes, he did come outside with me. He did not volunteer for the project, but came willingly anyway.

So I kept telling him to be careful. Then during one of my rest periods, I actually looked at him. Sure, he was swinging the shovel at the ice like it was an octopus trying to steal his Playstation, and he flung the ice blocks at the yard like raiders were attacking the castle walls below; but I began to see that the chances of this gigantic 13 year old hurting himself were less than I may have first suspected. When did this happen? How did he get so big? I do realize that we feed him somewhere between one and three times a day. He sleeps between 8 and 10 hours a night. We give him hugs daily (one of my rules if you will recall), and hugs have been linked to growth in children. No I don't know by whom, I read it somewhere. First I wrote it, then I read it. No, actually, I read it somewhere credible. Anyway, none of these things led me to believe that he would be this big.

So I did what any dad in my position would have done as he realized his son was growing up too fast, I got the car keys and asked him to move the car for me. For some reason, he looked at me like I must be joking. I cannot think of any precedence for sarcasm being uttered by moi, but still I had to assure him that I was serious.

So keys were obtained, he slid behind the wheel, and I slid into the passenger seat. I talked him though starting the car and where to put his feet in relation to the pedals. All the while, I was flashing back to the little dude I used to have sit on my lap and steer when we lived out in Goshen 10 years ago. Mom did not like the idea then, and I guess you can figure out that she was not home when this took place today.

So we drove downtown and, we moved the car 8 feet. The car's idle did all the work and Seige never had to touch the gas pedal. His learning experience was that the car was more powerful than he thought it would be, and the brakes were way more sensitive than he might have imagined. It was fun. What makes me willing to do stuff like this, is that it doesn't change him. It doesn't make him too overconfident, or make him want to rush life. It just makes him file away things in his head for when the time is right. He is the best child I could have ever wished for.

There was a time when Beth and I were sitting her nephew, and he needed his bottom wiped. Charlie and I called Beth to take care of the task. She informed me that she would never conceive a child with me until I was ready to wipe the poop from our child's bottom. Well believe me, I wiped some poop, I got peed on, he threw up on my head, and still I could not love this guy any more. We went to our favorite Indian Cuisine restaraunt last night, which is located near the University of Cincinnati. I am completely sold on Charlie Joe going to this rival institution, if it means that C Joseph will stay close by until he graduates from college.

Is this because I love the "little" guy, yes. But it is also because what if I need someone to help me lift something? Another helping of dinner C.J.?

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