Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween and Homecoming Pictures as promised.

November 1, 2013

I hope any of you that celebrate Halloween had a happy and safe one.  The weather was not awesome here as it was a bit breezy which only helped the girls dressed up as Dorothy.  Unfortunately, it was also raining off and on.  Therefore, we had a bunch of younger children who braved it for around an hour, but not nearly as many older trick-or-treaters as we usually do.  The costume of choice for a lot of the younger beggars was that of a cowboy.  A renaissance of sorts for the hero of the west.  Our favorite and winner of Beth and Steve's annual best costume prize, was the little dude dressed as Woody from Toy Story.  What put this costume over the top was that Woody's horse, Bullseye, was built into the costume such that it looked like Woody was riding him through the neighborhood.  Classic.

CJ went out this year with his friends.  One of his group of friends has a little sister, so the whole group gets together to walk the route with her.  The teens get to wear costumes and act goofy, while Emmy gets to have an entourage and candy.  CJ and two of the girls dressed in costumes from Dr. Who.  I have not watched this show, but I need to start as our high school marching band routine has been based on the show this year, and it is apparently very popular.  The two girls were Daleks and CJ was the Tardis.  He was a police box.  If you haven't watched the show, it seems like the Tardis is a very important part of, not only time travel, but quintessential to the plot.  We have a Tardis prop for our band show and other school's band members go crazy for it.  I gotta watch the show.  Anyway, I think the costume theme for next year's entourage will be Secret Service Agents.  Good excuse to follow Emmy around again next year.

I will post a  photo of Halloween and the promised pic of Homecoming as well.  Now where did I leave that camera cord and my computer aptitude?

Homecoming 2013.  Do you guys remember being this adorable?  Not me.

And this one was part of the group from Halloween.  GF told CJ  to stop touching her buns.

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