Friday, October 18, 2013

C'mon Beth, I'm Don Knotts over here.

October 18, 2013

I am still alive, just in case anyone was wondering.  Be careful what you wish for much?  I wanted to be a store manager of a little store so I could run the place the way I wanted to run it.  Well, I am running it.  75-80 hours a week running it.  I wasn't going to complain about it since I realize no one besides Beth actually cares, but since sometimes putting stuff in type eases the inner beast, I will reluctantly share a bit.  As my ego has stated before, I am a worker.  I have met very few adults in my 26 years of retail who I feel put in the effort that I do and care as much about a job well done and teamwork.  Therefore, I always have to remind myself that everywhere I go, there I am.  Trying to be perfect as I run my store is on me and is sometimes the problem  However, if I may gloat for just a second, my numerical results for September were #1 in my district, #2 in my region, and #122 in the company.  7000+ stores in the company.  Does that equal perfection?  Close enough.

However, wherein lies the problem, is that as I work really hard to do my job, external factors have created more work for me.  My assistant got promoted (of all the nerve-doing a good job!), thus creating a 45 hour vacancy in the schedule.  Then, two of my cashiers got sick for four days each, in the same week.  It is really hard to replace 25% of your payroll in one week.  But I did and have lived to type about it.  And stayed married.  Beth has been a trooper as usual.

I don't think my store has the appearance of a short-staffed store. In fact, it looks like Christmas has thrown up in there since that extra truck came this week.  To be fair, I have not done it alone.  The team members who have shown up for work have been awesome.  If you are about to open your own store, please keep this in mind-hire the right people.  If you don't, you will regret it.

So life goes on.  The weather is starting to get crisp here in Ohio.   GF's soccer playoffs have begun.  CJ and I watched as they started the tournament with a 7-0 trouncing of another team last night.  Band season has also begun for CJ.  He is doing awesome and they have scored Superior in the first two events so far.  We are off to Harrison, Ohio this weekend for the next event.  In fact, that is tomorrow and the weather man tells me there is a 60% chance of rain.  Perfect.

Homecoming was last weekend and CJ and GF went.  I will need to post some pictures as they were the best looking couple there.  Sure I did not see any of the other couples, but I would guess my assumption is not that far off.  CJ's tie (tied by dad) was the cherry on top.  The CJ version looked like it had been done by a drunken sailor, so I am taking some of the credit.  Homecoming weekend was the same weekend as their 1 year anniversary.  Remember being excited about your 1 year dating anniversary?  Sweet.  GF got CJ a couple of tee shirts for bands they like-Green Day and Fall Out Boy.  CJ got GF a gift certificate for a massage and an iTunes card. 

CJ had gone for a massage last week when the knots in his calf had gotten so bad that they were making walking painful.  I did not think a 16 year old teenage boy would be interested in getting a massage from a female professional, but he was in.  Beth reminded me that he is able to categorize things as being clinical versus not, and could therefore appreciate it for what it was intended to be.  She fixed him.  I need to be fixed.  No not that way-been there, done that.  A massage for this knotty pine.  Beth, Sweetest Day is tomorrow.  Hint, hint.  Oh, for you.  Uuuuuh.  It will be a surprise.  For both of us.

Light bulbs!  No, I did not just have a brilliant idea, I just remembered that I forgot to buy light bulbs at The Target today.  Drat.  Thanks to none of you for reminding me.

Beth just texted that GF will be stopping by with CJ after school.  I suppose I better go tidy up a bit.  As it turns out, there are also rules governing pants worn by dad when non family members come over.  Talk to you soon.  Ish.

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  1. Glad to hear you are still alive! Always enjoy reading your posts, you can be so proud of your achievements at work and what a great family you have.