Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I can explain why the mermaids are on dry land today

November 29, 2011

I am somewhat sure that someone broke into our house this morning.  The odd thing is that the only thing they stole was all of our hot water.  I just went to take a shower, and about 30 seconds in, it was as if all the toilets in our house flushed at the same time.  In fact, my first thought was, "Who flushed the toilet?"  My second thought was reality setting in that I was the only one in the house.  Unless someone was upstairs helping themselves to our toilet. 


That horror movie line was left on the cutting room floor.

Then I remembered that I have a teenage son.  Beth had gotten him up and scooted him into the shower around 6:50.  Approximately 7:05, I heard the water still running.  Fearing that he may have fallen and hit his head, I rushed downstairs to the shower to find that he was okay.  I called out to him that Neptune had called and was running a quart low.

It is, actually, hard to imagine any water supply running low right now as it has rained here almost nonstop since Saturday night.  The smaller rivers in the area already have flood warnings and the mighty Ohio River is really high as well.

If water thievery weren't a good enough indicator of me not having any exciting news today, what I am going to share with you next will surely seal the deal.

Looking for an easy dinner option for two people?  Here is a recommendation.

I tried something new from The Target this week.  It was called Buitoni complete meal for two.  It is on sale buy one get the second half price.  I think they were $8 apiece making them $12 for two.  BUT THEN, if you can find the ones with the $2 off coupon on them, you start to get a really good deal.  $4 apiece was more in my price range for trying something new.  And, the one we ate last night was quite delicious.  Plus, being ravioli, it took like 6-7 minutes to prepare.  We tried the chicken and mushroom last night and also bought the shrimp and lobster.

Disclaimer alert, when one of the participants in the "dinner for two" is a teenage boy, your share may be lessened.  My goal for the next box will involve an addition of salmon or more plain ravioli or something to try to stretch it out for three of us.  I am assuming Beth would like to eat as well.

So there you go.  A rainy day in November and nothing going on.  I have a coupon for a free donut at Dunkin Donuts since one near us just had a grand opening.  Perhaps I will partake and then flop down on the couch to watch Once Upon a Time on DVR.  The witch in it is just so evil.

Maybe she stole my water.  Hmmmm.

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