Thursday, April 21, 2011

The gods must be crazy, they need Peeps!

April 21, 2011

CJ has a friend named Noah.  We drove by his house yesterday to see if his family had a big pile of lumber outside their house.  For the month of April, we have already exceeded the normal rainfall amount by 5+ inches.  The month is not over and we have rain predicted for Friday and Saturday.  Year to date, Cincinnati has exceeded normal rainfall amounts by almost 8 inches.  It is rather depressing. 

It is not that rainy days and Mondays always get me down, it is that our basement has suddenly resembled a submarine hit by a torpedo.  Well, not exactly.  There is not water gushing through portals or from the ceiling, and no one is planning on diving into the ocean to retrieve a lost locket.  Talk about your mixed movie references.  No, go ahead and talk about it, there are more sure to come.

Anyway, we have spent the past 2 days sucking water out of our basement carpet again.  Which is always a pleasure after you just spent a couple lovely nights losing sleep due to thunder storms and tornado warnings.  We have lined up appointments for basement water-proofing people to come and extort money from us.  Can't you picture them rubbing their hands together singing, "I love money, lots  and lots of money...".  I know I can.

So we will see where that goes.  I never really thought I would be retiring from The Target at 55 anyway.

Speaking of The Target, GO BUY SOME EASTER STUFF!!!  Why does everyone wait until the last minute.  We have Easter grass, plastic eggs, fluffy bunnies, and baskets for everyone in the tri-state area.  And their brother's kids.  It should make for an interesting next couple of days as we try to keep that area full while guests trip over each other trying to put together the perfect basket.

For those of you who just celebrated Passover, I think you may have missed the Torah stories about how the holy spirit was kept at bay from your newborn sons by having chocolate bunnies under every bed.  I read it somewhere.  I may have also slept through portions of my world religions classes.

And if you worship gods, perhaps you are unaware that all the natural disasters the world is going through right now have everything to do with you not sacrificing Peeps to the gods.  They are going crazy because they really love to see Peep chicks expanding in the microwave.  No longer do they show their dissatisfaction with the Earth by throwing pop bottles from they sky.

I think there is a very good reason I do not have a job in advertising. 

Insert CJ update here.  He has another track meet today in which he is running the 800 meters.  2 laps around a track for those of you not currently practicing the metric system.  I told him a good time would make the Easter bunny bring him an extra nice Easter basket.  I got the look.  You know, the one from a teenager who can't believe he ever fell for those fairy tales.  Especially the one where we were spending the night in a hotel or at Grandma's house (for what reason I cannot remember), and I told CJ that the Easter bunny had tugged on my sleeve in the middle of the night asking where CJ was...

A Target executive named Leonard died this past week of a heart attack.  He was around my age and he was yet another man around my age who suffered a heart attack or sudden death.  It is happening way too often (I am in my mid forties), and we are saying a silent prayer for Leonard's family which included a wife and two young children. 

What this has continued to do is make me realize I am not to take life for granted.  So if CJ is ever going back to read the archives of my blog (which translates that CJ is stuck at an airport with only wi fi and no other means of entertainment), I want him to know that he was very cute at Easter time when he was little.  I used to make a map for him and leave it on the kitchen table from the Easter bunny.  This would lead him on a hunt through our house ending in the hidden location of the ultimate treasure, the Easter basket.  I think he even played along with me a couple years after his friends clued him in about basket delivering bunnies so that he could revisit the treasure hunt.  I miss that little dude.

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  1. This post got real towards the end there. Sorry to hear about your coworker passing. I hate hearing about people leaving so young, it makes me feel so helpless.

    But in other news, I'm glad to hear we aren't the only ones suffering from a lack of spring. However, I don't have a basement. I had a basement in a house I grew up in, and my poor dad had to deal with it flooding all the time. When they sold it, my dad ran in to the new owner (have I already told you this story? Pretend it's new) and she mentioned the basement flooding. My dad sympathized. She asked him how he fixed it and he said, "I moved out." She apparently did not find it funny.